The Cat With No Name (a fosterer’s blog on his journey in foster care) Part 1 Days 1-59

Lyn asked to foster for MK Cat Rescue having worked with me and her neighbours in helping a stray cat earlier in 2016.

We took the decision to bring in a senior cat to Lyn to foster who had been living in someone’s back garden.  The cat was born in 2003, was neutered and chipped but there was no name registered.

Cat With No Name

All attempts to trace the owner failed. 

Since turning up in someone’s back garden, the cat with no name has been called Puss Puss.  So having been admitted into our care he now has a name and this is his story:

We hope you enjoy this insight into the world of cat fostering.

Claire Henesy
Welfare Officer
MK Cat Rescue

Day 1

Puss Puss arrived with us on the morning of 9th July 2016 as our first  foster cat and was looking quite scared, scruffy and in need of a good brush. 
Puss Puss hiding under the ironing board

He looks like he has a cataract in his right eye and is drooling slightly so we think he might have a problem with his mouth/teeth.  These will be checked out in the next few days by the Vet.  He is very subdued at the moment but seems to be happy to be indoors safe and sound.
When Claire brought him to us he immediately hid under the ironing board which we had put a large sheet over to make a hidey hole, which he soon came out from once he smelt a bowl of food.  He allowed us to give him a stroke and in return gave us a ‘purr ‘.  Once he had eaten he returned to the safety of his hideaway.   He could have gone on a chair, in the cat igloo or on a cat bed but I guess he just felt safer under the ironing board!  
That’s your litter tray Puss Puss….would you mind using it?!
Pus Pus came out again in the afternoon when he smelt more food, which is reassuring to know he has a good appetite.  He then decided he would go to sleep behind the cat bed.  Just need him now to use the litter tray – but he is getting closer as he is lying next to it!!
Wonder what tomorrow will bring?!?!…..

Day 2

It’s my 2nd day as a Foster mum to Puss Puss who is in my care in our Laundry Room, and already I have grown very fond of him.  I found him fast asleep this morning when I got up and actually had to wake him up!!  but when he woke he was really pleased to see me and sat  patiently on his bed waiting for his breakfast to be served.

Looking cosy

Unfortunately, after 24 hours he had still not used his litter tray, so I thought he needed some encouragement,  so twice I picked him up  and put him in it and both times he promptly jumped out, but then on the third attempt I held his paw gently and scratched the litter with it, again he jumped out, then he got the message and turned around and went back in it and had a wee wee – WAHOOO… (I know – too much information, but Claire, his Welfare Officer will be pleased, as it is something else we can tick off his health checklist).

He really is a lovely, gentle old boy and enjoys being stroked and made a fuss of.  I am brushing him several times a day which he really loves and  his coat has started to improve and is getting its shine back.   He has several places he can sleep but he has chosen one particular corner of the Laundry Room to call his own, so he has a lovely comfy bed there which he must find so nice considering he had been living rough for goodness knows how long.  He does not show any interest in wanting to go out which is good as the outside is definitely out of bounds! 

Sometimes he just sits in the middle of the room staring at me – not sure what he is thinking, but he looks happy…. 

What you thinking Puss Puss?

This afternoon he has been sitting on my lap and purring loudly before going to sleep, yet again – he does like his sleep….  I am hoping it is because he feels safe and not because he is unwell, although he is still eating well.  I will be phoning the Vets tomorrow to make an appointment for his health check and hopefully vaccinations.  Fingers crossed all is well.

Day 3

Puss Puss has spent most of the day again sleeping and chilling out on his favourite bed, although he did decide to go and lay down by the back door which is near to the door that leads into our dining room.  The dining room door has been open all day but he was happy to just look in, not quite brave enough to venture in just yet – maybe tomorrow.

Oh, and I am happy to say that the litter tray is well and truly being used now – so everything okay in that department!

Puss Puss saw the Vet this evening for his health check.  We were worried he had a cataract so he had green dye put in his right eye which showed he does NOT have a cataract, the Vet thinks the cloudiness is scaring from an old injury – so no treatment needed.

Unfortunately as suspected he does have Gingivitis, his gum is very red and swollen so he has been given an Antibiotic injection that should last 2 weeks and also a Steroid injection that should last 5-7 days.  I have got to take him back to the Vet next Monday evening and he will check his mouth again and will then decide if he needs any teeth removed.  Apart from that he appears to be in good health.   Phew what a relief, I have been nervous for him all day….

Puss Puss was so laid back and let the Vet carry out all his checks without any fuss – he is such a good boy……  When we got back from the Vets Puss Puss ate his tea and then retired to his bed and is now fast asleep again – obviously he favourite pastime……

Night Night Puss Puss

Day 4

Puss Puss may have arrived as “The Cat With No Name” but he certainly recognises his name now and comes when he is called, and he also comes if I show him his comb and say “Do you want a brush”.   He does seem a lot brighter and happier today so I think the antibiotics have started to work.  So, onwards and upwards…. and hopefully as his gums heal he will soon be more active and his true personality will come out. 

Not really much to report today, although a  neighbours cat (Ying Yang) was staring at him through the backdoor 

 – Ying Yang  must have been wondering why our backdoor was shut and he could not wander in like he usually does –  it’s always been open house here for the neighbouring cats – imagine his surprise when he saw another cat on his patch and the door shut!!  Puss Puss just looked at him then walked away and returned to his bed for yet more sleep – he does love that bed!!

Day 5

Well it’s the 5th day of me being a Fosterer and I am finding it really rewarding.  I am getting to know and understand Puss Puss more now as he starts to reveal his personality.    

Last night at 10.30 as we were starting to lock up for the night he decided to use his scratching post for the first time, then starting playing with his little toy mouse, after that he ventured into the dining room and then into the kitchen, hence to say I didn’t like to go to bed and leave him when he was wanting to play and explore for the first time – so a late night for me!!  

Again today he has been playing with his mouse and chasing a piece of string, and he was very curious when he heard the washing machine going.  He even went and stood by a sock I had dropped on the floor as if to say “do you know you’ve dropped that”.   

Add caption

You Lost Something?

He must be so much more happier in himself as the antibiotics start to work and his mouth heals.  He is still enjoying his food and yes, of course that favourite bed of his….

Day 6

Puss Puss has had a very relaxing day today, chilling out on his favourite bed and also sitting on the door mat taking in the lovely sunshine.

This afternoon we were trying out a door screen that we are making to enable us to have the backdoor open and let Puss Puss have some fresh air.  

At the moment this is a proto-type screen and will  need some modification before it meets the MK Cat Rescue rules and regulations,  but hopefully we will be able to do something with it to enable Puss Puss to enjoy the fresh air as he could be with us for a little while before he finds his Forever home.  

I am so pleased Claire took the decision to bring him into care and give him a second chance, he is such a gentle boy and just wants the quiet life and to be made a fuss of and is absolutely no trouble at all, he will make someone a lovely companion. 

Day 7

Puss Puss has had a very relaxing couple of days, not doing a lot apart from chilling out on his favourite bed and also sitting on his stool by our back door. 

I noticed today when he yawned that his gum is still red so obviously very sore, no wonder he does not want to do a lot. Roll on Monday when the Vet can check him over again, but in the meantime lots of TLC will be given to him.   We had fish and chips for our dinner tonight and he enjoyed tucking in to some Cod we gave him.  He may have a sore mouth but he does still love his food!

He is such a gentle boy and just wants the quiet life and to be made a fuss of (in between sleeping of course!) and he is absolutely no trouble at all, he will make someone a lovely companion. 

Day 8

Well, I am going to start off by saying that when I became a foster mum (which was only a week ago) I did not think that on the evening of the 7th day I would be sitting in my Laundry Room at 11:30 pm at night with a 13 year old cat getting him to chase a toy mouse tied to a bit of string around the room.  

It is obvious to me now that Puss Puss is a night cat, he likes to sleep the majority of the day and then at night when it’s time for ME to go to bed he thinks it’s PLAYTIME!!!  but he is so adorable I cannot help but play with him.  So no surprise to say he’s had another lazy day just moving from his favourite bed to his favourite stool in between being brushed and meal times. 

Talking of which Ying Yang turned up again this morning and watched Puss Puss through the back door eating his breakfast.  He must be thinking “not only is there a new cat on my patch – he gets fed as well!!

Day 9

Phew, what a hot day today, too hot for me and Puss Puss.  He has spent most of the day laying on the floor just relaxing and trying to keep cool – far too warm to be sitting on his stool. 

Although he started the day off sitting on the dining room chair waiting for breakfast to be served and then settled down to watch a bit of television – well it was the Animal Channel.

We had roast lamb for our dinner today, so of course he had to have a little bit of lean lamb and WOW did he love that.  I guess as he was living rough it has been a very long time since he’s had a treat like that!!…..

Off to the Vets tomorrow night to have his mouth checked over and if he is well enough he will have his vaccinations.

Day 10

Puss Puss had a quiet morning relaxing on a bath mat trying to keep cool.

He has been to the Vets today and had his mouth examined again but unfortunately his gum is still red and swollen so will still need to have some teeth out,  he now needs another appointment with the Vet dentist to determine how many teeth and when they can do it.  He will have his vaccinations after his teeth have been sorted out.  He was so good in the car he just sat in his cat carrier with his feet tucked under him and again well behaved when the Vet examined him, he even sat really still while the Vet trimmed his claws – what a good boy!

Tonight  I put some cat biscuits in his roller ball for him to play with but he didn’t seem to understand that he needs to make the ball move to get the biscuits out, he just kept looking at it and sniffing it – so he soon got bored with that…. Will give it another go tomorrow and try to show him how it works!

Day 11

Well another very hot day, so not much action from Puss Puss today.  I tried to get him to play with his cat treat roller ball but he was not in the least bit interested, he just went and laid down under the dining room table, so we will try again when the weather is cooler and he might then feel like playing with it.

He also spent some time on his bath mat doing some stretching exercises

well he wants to keep his figure in case his forever mum or dad comes to view him in the future!

We have finished making the screen for our back door which now has a clear Perspex sheet on the lower half, so if any of the local cats come to call it will protect the cat on the inside and the cat outside from being sneezed on or from spitting at one another, it allows Puss Puss to see out and also gets fresh air coming in through the upper half. 

Although Puss Puss sits at the back door and looks out into the garden he does not make any attempt to try and get out,  he seems really happy to be indoors, which amazes me, but also makes me happy because I can see he is not stressed at being locked indoors.

He had a little bit of our grilled chicken tonight as a treat, which he really loved.  So now we know he likes, Cod, Lamb and Chicken – well he deserves it, he must have gone so long without anything nice to eat when he was living on the streets.. aargh bless him…..

Day 12

Puss Puss has not been himself today, I think the heat has got to him, so we left our Laundry Room door open that leads into our garage and allowed him to go in there.  He went in and laid down in the cool and dark and was asleep in there most of the day.  Apart from taking his meals in to him, which he ate,  I left him in peace to sleep.   He has emerged tonight looking a lot brighter and has enjoyed his evening brush and a quick game of chasing his mouse attached to some string, so I know he is okay now.

He is going back to the Vets again Thursday afternoon to see the Vet Dentist who will determine what dental treatment he will need.

Day 13

Puss Puss has seen the Dentist today and his teeth are not in very good condition and he also has some teeth missing.  I managed to have a good look at his mouth when the Vet was examining him and saw that his gums are still very red and obviously very sore, so it’s amazing that he is eating as well as he is.  The Vet has taken some blood from him to determine the condition of his health and I have to phone them tomorrow afternoon for the results.  Once the results have been reviewed we should know what treatment he will be given.  Keeping fingers crossed for him that everything is okay. 

I had him weighed whilst I was there and he now weighs 4.14 kg  (11 days ago it was 3.91 kg) so he is putting on weight – just need to make sure he doesn’t put too much on!!! LOL

Being a Fosterer is certainly going to have ups and downs, and I hope for Puss Puss that he will soon be on the way up…..   

Day 14

We had a phone call from the vets with the results of the blood test that was taken yesterday.  Puss Puss tested positive for FIV (FIV infects cells of the immune system so his immune system is compromised but FIV in itself is not typically fatal for cats, they can live relatively healthily for many years) but Puss Puss is 13 years old and has quite a challenge ahead of him.

The good news is that MK Cat Rescue will do everything they can to help him so he’s booked into the vets for Thursday, 4 August 2016 for the start of his dental treatment. 

In the meantime, Puss Puss is obviously unware of all of this and he is still enjoying his food (even had a few salmon flakes lunch time – well it would be rude not to share!).  He now knows which cupboard is his food cupboard and was sleeping in front of it this morning using my sandals as a pillow

, and tonight when I opened the cupboard he every struck a pose in front of it for you – and he looks like he has been photo bombed by Felix!!

He has had his usual sleepy, lazy day again today and now as night time comes he is starting to wake up, so another evening of cat play for me – well it beats watching the telly……lol

Day 15

Today is the 15th day of me being a Servant to Puss Puss, although I believe the official title is a Cat Fosterer! lol – and I’m loving looking after him…

Puss Puss has well and truly got me wrapped around his little finger (well little paw) and nothing is too much trouble for this golden oldie, and since I heard yesterday that he has FIV as well as a mouth infection he has been getting even more cuddles.  When he first arrived he did not like to be picked up and held in my arms but now I am pleased to say he allows me to do so.  As it has been so hot he has again spent the majority of the day in the coolness of our garage asleep and as usual appears in the Laundry Room when it’s time to eat.

He loves his Felix cat food, Salmon being his favourite and always his first choice….

Day 16

Thank goodness it has been cooler today for Puss Puss and all the other furry friends.  Puss Puss has been quite lively today and even ran in and out of the garage a couple of times which made me jump as I didn’t know he could move that quick!! 

He started the day off, after breakfast of course, by having a nice brush – hope he doesn’t mind that the comb is bright pink, rather than blue for a boy!!

After his brush, he had a quick game on his mat, choosing the ball rather than the mice – he prefers to play with the mice last thing at night.

He has taken a real liking to going in our garage during the day and hanging out in his cat den – I guess to him going in the garage is like going outside, so it’s his outside but inside.

Now, before you say “that doesn’t look very comfortable” – I’ve tried to make his den really comfy with a bed in it, but when I did he stopped going in it – guess he just wants the cat den to be very basic – and what he wants he gets… lol   

Thank you to everyone who is following his progress – it’s good to know people are interested in how he is getting on.

Day 17

Puss Puss had quite an active day yesterday, but today he has not really been himself, he has not eaten very much and did not want to be brushed either, which is unusual on both counts.  I know I have only had him for 17 days but I think I have got to know his little ways now, so I know something is not quite right. He has spent most of the day in the dining room, either on his stool or asleep on the dining room chair.

As you know he likes to spend most of the day in the garage but has not been able to go in there today as we have been having some work done on the roof, and the workmen were in and out of the garage, so I am hoping that Puss Puss has just got the hump because he could not go in there.  I will be keeping a close eye on him and hopefully I will have better news for you tomorrow  –  If only they could speak!.!.   but then if they could he would probably be saying ‘ “open that garage door and let me in there”… lol

Day 18

Well yesterday was a bit of a worrying day for me, but I am pleased to say that at 10:40 last night (after I had sent my blog) Puss Puss came walking into the front room, stood there for a while staring at us, so I got up and followed him into the Laundry Room, and he went straight to the garage door, so I opened it and he ran in, then ran out, then ran back in again, he was more like a kitten than a 13 year old,  it was really funny, he seemed genuinely happy that he could go back in the garage. 

Puss Puss back in the garage

Most cats would be happy to be curled up on the couch, but not this boy!!
Once in the garage he sat down on the mat and looked at me as if to say “well, it’s about time you opened that door and let me in here”!  he then laid down on the mat staring at me and I could imagine he was thinking  “NOW LEAVE THAT DOOR OPEN”! ha ha

After all that running about he was then ready for something to eat, which was good as he had not really eaten much all day, and of course he wanted to eat in the garage, which of course I let him do.

He then had a nice brush, before retiring to his bed

so phew, thank goodness, he is not poorly (well apart from the FIV and mouth infection)  – he just had the raging hump all day because he could not go in the garage – little bugger!

Today I am happy to say he has been back to his old self and has been eating normally and enjoying being brushed again.   “Hooray”

Day 19

I am glad to say that Puss Puss is still a happy puss puss.  He started the day off, after breakfast of course, lazing about on his stool or sitting under it.  He could have turned around and spent some time looking out the door watching the birds, but no, he laid there staring at the garage door waiting for it to be opened.

So he was very happy when I opened the garage door and let him in there.  He has a new cat den in the garage (well a cardboard box) and he was quick to take up residence in it.

And it wasn’t long before he was fast asleep in there – so one very contented cat.

He did honour us with his presence later in the day – because he wanted to be fed, and then returned back to the garage. Don’t want to deprive him of going in there, wouldn’t want him sulking again!!

So not a lot of action from him today, just a very lazy chilled out day, but it is now 11pm and he is starting to move about, so I will now be going to give him a brush and spend a bit of time with him before I go to bed – or maybe I should stay up all night with him, and then I could sleep all day like he does!!  lol

Day 20

Just as I was turning my lap top off last night to go and spend some time with Puss Puss he came into the front room and walked passed me and quickly ran upstairs – cheeky boy – he has not done that before, so he was obviously feeling adventurous.  I started to go upstairs to see what he was doing and as he heard me he came running down the stairs, nearly knocking me over!!!  He can certainly run fast when he wants too.  Will have to keep a closer eye on him now he is starting to explore – although it is only at night time he tends to move about. 

So after his bedtime brush and a little fussing  it was time for bed, but he did not want to go on his usual bed, he decided he would sleep on a stool.

If only he could decide which stool he wanted to sleep on!!   Both I guess….

Today he had a visit from a nice lady called Mary, he was in his box in the garage when she arrived, but I brought him out and she managed to see him and have a quick stroke before he got nervous and ran and hid under the armchair but he soon came out again after she left.  I guess we don’t really know what happened to Puss Puss but if he was abandoned and then having to keep himself safe on the streets he is bound to be a little wary of new people. 

Mary came bearing gifts of a large box of Felix cat food, which she had collected from a lovely lady called Paula.  So a huge thank you to Paula for her very kind donation. 

Puss Puss says that the Felix cat food is just “Purr”fect” especially as there is some of his favourite Salmon flavour.  Paula also kindly donated some toy balls which will be given to Annie for the kittens to play with, and I am sure they will give them hours of fun.

Day 21

Sorry to say Puss Puss was poorly last night as he was sick a couple of times, don’t know what caused it, but glad to say he has been okay today. We kept the door into the garage shut, as I wanted to keep a closer eye on him, and he did sulk for a while because as you know that is where he likes to hang out during the day, although I think in future it would probably be better for him if I did not let him go into the garage for most of the day, as this could be encouraging him to hide away instead of getting used to being around us and the general comings and goings in the house, and hopefully he will then grow in confidence.  Will give it a go and see how we get on.

Puss Puss had another visitor today

– it was Tiggy the Tabby, who is another regular visitor to us and a good friend of Ying Yang’s.

Tiggy and Puss Puss sat at the door for ages just staring at one another (and if you look closely at the photo you can just see Ying Yang sitting down the end of the garden on the deck).  I can just imagine Ying Yang said to Tiggy  “go and have a look in the door and you’ll see that cat I was telling you about”!!!

Day 22

This morning I went to see the girls outside Jollyes at Westcroft who were manning the MK Cat Rescue fundraising stall and I must say they do an awesome thing giving up their time to raise much needed funds to help pay for the dental treatment that Puss Puss needs and also all the other cats the Charity are caring for, well done girls, and a big thank you.  I also collected from them some more Felix cat food for Puss Puss that somebody had very kindly donated. 

As I said yesterday, I am keeping Puss Puss out of the garage so he spends more time with us, and I have to say he has been okay about it, especially as he discovered he had a new bed (well a box with some bath mats in!) which he really seems to like as he has spent most of the day in it – and doesn’t he look comfy resting his chin on the edge of the box – he is such a lazy boy during the day…  but then he is an old boy!

And as usual it is now 11pm and Puss Puss is ready and waiting to play, so just as I am starting to get sleepy I now need to wake up for playtime!!!

Day 23

Well last night certainly was “Playtime”,  Puss Puss was the most liveliest I have seen him, he was chasing his mouse about that is tied to a length of string, jumping in the air to catch it and diving and sliding across the wooden floor after it – WOW – he was more like a 3 year old than a 13 year old, but it was lovely to see him playing. (I couldn’t take a photo because I was pulling the string he was chasing!)

This morning Puss Puss had his usual visit from Ying Yang who sat watching him eating his breakfast.

But then look what happens – there is a stranger in the camp, creeping up on Ying Yang!!    Well,  me, Puss Puss and Ying Yang are all thinking “Who the hell are you!??”

I have not seen this beautiful white cat before, and it was in no hurry to leave either, it stayed in the garden for ages, but at least it kept Puss Puss occupied, as he kept going to the door to see if it was still there. I am hoping it has recently moved into the area and not a stray otherwise Claire could be getting a call to come around with her scanner!!

Eventually Puss Puss got bored with looking out and retired to his stool for his morning snooze.

He has been quite active this afternoon and was even playing with his toys, which is unusual for him as he is normally fast asleep most of the day, so I think by not letting him spend so much time in his den in the garage has been beneficial to him.

Good news today – MK Cat Rescue have raised enough money to pay for the dental treatment that Puss Puss so desperately needs – so a huge thank you on behalf of Puss Puss. xx

Gosh, I can’t believe I’ve now been a fosterer for 24 days – sometimes it feels like Puss Puss only arrived a few days ago but then other times it feels as though he has been here for months.  He is such a quiet, calm and well behaved cat that you hardly know he is here – well, except for the regular litter tray cleaning – he does like to use that litter tray!  and of course the 11pm playtime…..

We had a visit this morning from the beautiful white cat that came yesterday, it saw Puss Puss in the dining room so decided it would lay down on the patio and just look in at him, and Puss Puss was quite happy to just sit and stare back – I think they have a mutual attraction.

After the white cat realised that Puss Puss could not come out to play he went down the end of the garden and was stalking the birds, well I like to feed the birds so I had to politely ask him to leave the garden!!

Puss Puss then retired to his box in the Laundry Room and as usual Ying Yang came by to say hello, but I don’t think he noticed him in his box.

Not much else going on with him today apart from eating, litter tray, sleeping and more sleep, but then he needs to save all his energy for his dental operation on Thursday.

Day 25

Puss Puss had a very quiet morning, he ate his breakfast and then went back to bed for a very long lie in, but then that is not unusual for him.  I am hoping that once he recovers from his dental treatment and his gums start to heal he will feel a lot better and will not want to sleep as much, and might then interact with us more.   Although, he may just be one of those cats that likes to sleep all day.

However, this afternoon he did have a quick game with his little mouse on the string.

When he stopped playing we realised we were being watched by Tiggy the Tabby, so Puss Puss said a quick hello.

Puss Puss then decided that was enough exercise for one afternoon and it was time for him to go back to bed for his afternoon snooze, and that is where he stayed until dinner time.  And of course, after dinner it was back to bed.  But now true to form it is 11pm and he is now awake, so I need to sign off and go and play!

I just had a thought…. –  It is a good thing that I am fostering Puss Puss indoors and not in an outdoor cat pen – I think my neighbours would think I was crackers if they saw me sitting in a garden pen at 11pm at night throwing a piece of string around with a toy mouse tied to the end of it saying to a cat  “Get it Puss Puss” !!

Day 26

Puss Puss ended the day yesterday with his usual evening of late night play.  It really is good to see him play.

This morning he woke up, had a good stretch and then stayed in his bed patiently waiting for his breakfast to be served.

After he had eaten his breakfast and had his morning brush it was time for me to wash the laundry room floor, so I went into the garage to get the mop and bucket, and as you know Puss Puss loves to go in there, and as I had left the door open he was quick to run in there.  When I had finished washing the floor I looked into the garage to see what he was doing and would you believe it – there he was all curled up on the recycling rubbish bag!! 

I brought him back into the Laundry Room and put him on his nice cosy stool and Ying Yang was quick to turn up to see what he was up to this morning.

Tomorrow he has to be at the Vets at 08:25 for his dental treatment, so no food for him after 7pm tonight which he will not be happy about as he likes to have something to eat before he goes to bed.  I think the late night playtime gives him an appetite.

Fingers crossed that Puss Puss gets on okay at the Vets and I am able to give everyone good news tomorrow night.

Day 27

As usual it was playtime at 11pm last night and Puss Puss enjoyed himself chasing his toys around the dining room floor – the biggest decision was what toy to play with first. 

Luckily he had no idea what was ahead of him in the morning.

So there was no breakfast for Puss Puss this morning as he was going to have a general anaesthetic – and he was not happy about that, especially as he had not had any supper either!

Puss Puss has already had 2 visits to the Vets so he knew what was coming when he saw me bring the cat basket out of the garage – oh dear, he did not look happy! but once in the car he just tucked his front paws underneath him and sat there quietly.  When I left him there he looked so scared and I felt so sorry for him.

I picked him up from the Vets at 6:15 and was told that he had 4 teeth extracted and roots from 2 teeth that he had previously lost.  The remaining teeth were scaled and polished.  He has been given an antibiotic injection that should last 2 weeks and I have been given some oral pain relief that I start giving him tomorrow morning in his food.  He was drooling a small amount of blood when I picked him up but was assured that this is normal, I just need to keep an eye on him to make sure it doesn’t become excessive.  He is very groggy at the moment and a bit wobbly.

He seemed genuinely pleased to be home, he kept head butting my hand and purring – now is that because he loves me? Or was it because he was hungry and wanted feeding!!  He has now had a little bit of food and is now resting.  He has to go back to the Vets for a check up next Thursday.  As Puss Puss has a low immune system we now need to keep our fingers crossed that he will make a good recovery.

There will definitely be no PLAYTIME at 11pm tonight – this boy needs his rest…   I havn’t taken any photos of him tonight as I don’t want to disturb him.

Thank you so much to everyone who is following Puss Puss’ progress, it is lovely to know people are genuinely interested in him.

Day 28

Firstly, thank you to everyone for your lovely get well wishes for Puss Puss, it’s really kind of you all to follow his progress.

Puss Puss had a bit of a restless evening yesterday as I think he was actually trying to fight against the sleepiness of the anaesthetic  rather than giving into it and going to sleep.  The nice thing is that he was actually purring every time we spoke to him or stroked him, like I said yesterday he seemed genuinely happy to be back with us.

Last night I decided I would sleep in the recliner armchair in the dining room so I could check on him during the night, so I made a bed up for him in front of the washing machine, which meant it was opposite the door, so I would be able to see him from where I was going to sleep.  He eventually curled up on it and went to sleep at about 12:30, so I then retired to my bed (well chair).  Then at 2:20am I heard the pitter patter of his paws on the wooden floor as he came into the dining room, I said “hello Puss Puss, are you okay” and I think I must have startled him and he ran back into the laundry room, he obviously wasn’t expecting me to be there in the dark.  I turned the table lamp on and saw him standing in the doorway looking at me as if to say “what are you doing in there”! (it made me chuckle).  He went back into the laundry room and came back out again at 3:00am making it perfectly clear he was hungry and wanted something to eat, which of course he got.  After satisfying his hunger he went and curled up on his bed and went fast asleep and stayed there until 8.20am this morning.

He may have a sore mouth but still wants to eat and was ready for his breakfast, which I added his oral pain medication to, so hopefully he will not be too uncomfortable today.

Puss Puss as usual then wanted to go in the garage, but that is definitely out of bounds at the moment, I need him to stay where I can see him.

I think he loves the new bed I made up for him last night in front of the washing machine, he has been on it most of the day, just occasionally changing positions, and at times he has been so sound asleep he has not even noticed when I have gone into the room, which is good because whilst he is asleep his sore mouth can heal. 

I don’t think he will be wanting his 11pm Playtime tonight, so I will be back in my bed and having an early night…..

Day 29

Puss Puss was very sensible last night by not wanting to have his 11pm Playtime, instead he opted to relax in the dining room on one of his beds.

When I was getting his breakfast ready (with his pain relief medication) the phone rang in the lounge, so I took the call,  and he obviously got fed up waiting for his breakfast so he sat looking into the lounge at me, as if to say “don’t forget my breakfast!  (he can come into the lounge if he wants to, but he chooses to stay in the dining room)

I am really happy to be able to say that after his breakfast, I could hear him in the laundry room, so went to see what he was doing and could not believe how lively he was, he was playing with his toys, he was flicking his mouse about and chasing it about the room and was having a thoroughly enjoyable time – you can tell he is feeling so much better, even his eyes look brighter,  however, by lunchtime he had worn himself out and ended up falling asleep on the doormat, then when he woke up he did a bit of sun bathing in the dining room.

Then he heard his favourite sound “food being put into his bowl” so he went and sat next to Barry whilst he prepared his lunch.

We have been out this afternoon so assume he was catching up on his sleep whilst we were out.  When we came home he once again started playing with his toys, he just seems like a different cat today, so I hope we have turned a corner and he continues to enjoy himself.
Early this evening he fell sound asleep on the dining room chair, poor old boy must be worn out now after a day of play.
I doubt very much if he will want his 11pm playtime – but you never know!!! Will let you know

Day 30
Well, I was right, Puss Puss did NOT want his PLAYTIME  at 11pm last night –  instead he started to play, can you believe it at 11:50 !!  just as we were getting ready to lock up for the night – so, you know me, I let him play.  But he didn’t need me to play with him, he was quite happy playing under the dining room table with his mouse by himself.    
And of course after he plays last thing at night he wants something to eat before he goes to bed –  (I know – I spoil him). As he was having his supper look who appears at the back door to watch him eat –  it’s the beautiful white cat.  Puss Puss has definitely captured the interest of the local Cat community.
So far Puss Puss seems to be healing well, and has been like a different cat, he is not sleeping as much, and has a lot  more energy.
He actually came into the lounge this morning and had a good look around, which is unusual for him as he does not normally venture in there, but he does get nervous with any sudden movements or noises so he soon ran back to the  laundry room which is where I think he feels safe. 
Late this afternoon he kept scratching at the garage door, so he was making it quite clear he wanted to go in there.  As it had been a warm afternoon I thought it would be nice for him to go in there and cool down (didn’t want him to have the hump again by not letting him in there!!)  and it wasn’t long before he was relaxing in there in his box.
Hope tomorrow is another good day for him – I’m not taking anything for granted – just taking one day at a time.
Day 31
I think Puss Puss must have tired himself out yesterday playing during the day as he did not want his 11pm PLAYTIME.   I offered to play with him but he had made himself comfortable on the dining room chair and  just looked up at me and then put his head down and went back to sleep. I think my 11pm job has been made redundant!

He has again ventured into the In lounge several  times today, doesn’t stay long, but at least he is showing more interest in his surroundings.
I’m glad to say he has been really active again today and has been enjoying playing with his new ball that has a bell in it and of course his favourite mouse.  Having four teeth out hasn’t stopped him from grabbing the mouse in his mouth and flicking it in the air.  It’s great to see him playing during the day instead of always being asleep.
And while he was playing the beautiful white cat came by to watch him – I think Puss Puss has a girlfriend, what a shame he cannot mix with other cats, I am sure they would enjoy a game together!
And this evening whilst he is relaxing on the dining room chair the white cat is still outside looking in on him!
So another good day today for Puss Puss.
Day 32
Puss Puss has had another really good day today.
He has been relaxing on his bed which is on two footrests  (and he has a lovely comfy pillow on it) and every now and then he would jump off chase his toys around, rest for awhile and then play again – he has been having great fun.  I think he must be making up for all the time he hadn’t been able to play.
And of course, Ying Yang and Tiggy the Tabby called by to check on him, they still can’t make out why the back door is always shut and they cannot come in, they must think I don’t love them anymore!
We gave Puss Puss a little bit of roast lamb this evening, which he just loves, and afterwards he sat looking at me as if to say “Can I have some more please?” 
Just look at his little face, he’s so  cute, but then I would say that,  I’m his Foster Mum…..   He nearly always has his  tongue sticking out – probably because he doesn’t have enough teeth to hold it in place!!   Poor old boy…. lol

Blog is short and sweet – but it’s all good news.
Day 33
Again, not much to tell you today.
Puss Puss has been very quiet today and has not done very much at all, he hasn’t even played with his toys.  He has spent most of the day in his bed either asleep or just watching us moving about.  He wasn’t even interested in having a brush.  Oh, but he did really perk up lunch time when I gave him a bit of cold roast lamb, so I wasn’t too worried about him.  We have been sorting the garage out today and he did see us move the cat carrier about this morning,  which he associates with going to the vets, so that could have upset him (little does he know he will be going in the carrier tomorrow because he is having a check up at the Vets.)
After his dinner tonight he sat looking out the door to see who was about, but none of his friends came to see him today, but I dare say they will be back tomorrow.

Now just as I am typing this at 11:20 pm I can hear him in the dining room playing with his ball, so looks like everything is back to normal.
Day 34
Puss Puss was wide awake this morning and actively playing with his favourite mouse, in fact at one point he flicked the mouse into his bed and it went under his blanket so he started pulling the blanket out to get to the mouse, he was getting really cross because the more he pulled the blanket the further underneath the mouse went!! when he eventually got the mouse out he well and truly killed it……

Later in the morning I went into the garage and it wasn’t long before he came in and made himself comfortable next to the bin and just laid there watching me pottering about.

And then this afternoon it was off to the Vets for his check up.   Steve the Vet was really pleased with the way his mouth is healing. Puss Puss still has some redness on his gums from the surgery which is to be expected.  He has now only got 4 teeth (there are 2 on the top right side of his mouth and 2 on the bottom right side).   The Vet  did consider removing them as well but did not want to keep Puss Puss under the anaesthetic for longer than absolutely necessary and as the four teeth line up with one another and could be used for chewing he decided to leave them.   Puss Puss has to go back for another check up in 3 weeks time and then if he is well enough he will have his vaccinations.   Poor Puss Puss was so scared at going back to the vets he wet himself in the cat carrier, but it could have been worse as one lady in the waiting room had a cat that had a wee and a poop in its basket!!
When we got home he went straight onto one of his beds for a well earned rest, but it wasn’t long before something disturbed him – and it was the beautiful white cat scratching at the door wanting to come in, but I think Puss Puss was more interested in me putting his food in his bowl for his tea.

So happy to say it has been a good day.

Day 35

Puss Puss had a very energetic evening last night playing with his toys in the dining room, It was about 12.30 am when he finally finished playing, and then the naughty boy didn’t want to go to bed, he gave me the run around and kept hiding under the table.  I think he was paying me back for taking him to the Vets!! but I knew when I got some food for him he would give in and come out from under the table, which of course he did.  Night Night Puss Puss…

He had a bit of a quick awakening this morning as we had a phone call at 6.45 am from a delivery driver saying they would be delivering our new freezer in 15 minutes, which was going in the laundry room, so it was a bit of a rush for us to get up and get dressed and then quickly remove Puss Puss from the laundry room and put him safely into another room.  I think he had a bit of a shock, one minute he was curled up asleep in his bed and then he was picked up and  moved to another room, – he must have wondered what was happening –  he doesn’t like a commotion, he likes things to be very calm and quiet.

Now that he has began to move around the house more it is obvious that he is very nervous, and if you make any sudden movements he will either run or cower down, he doesn’t have a lot of confidence.  We have no way of knowing what his background is, so don’t know what has happened to him in the past, but he does have a lovely temperament, he has never bitten or scratched me.  Also as his vision is not very good in his right eye, due to scarring from an old injury, I don’t think he can always see clearly, so he does get startled easily. 

He was in the front room playing with his mouse this morning and it went under the sideboard, but I’m not sure if he knew where it went, so he sat down and looked at me as if to say “can you find it for me”!

Most of the afternoon he has been asleep in his bed but obviously woke up when it was time for his dinner, so he did his stretching exercises.

and then sat patiently waiting for me to serve his food.   Once eaten it was back to his bed – obviously saving his energy for his famous 11pm playtime….

Day 36

Puss Puss has not done much at all today, he spent most of the morning laying in his bed watching me do the washing.  I think the warm weather has made him very sleepy so this afternoon we put the door screen on to allow a breeze into the room, but he continued to lay in his bed behind the door, which was in the shade, whilst Ying Yang was outside on the patio sunning himself.

Puss Puss was off his food during the day, which is unlike him, so I decided to give him something different for his dinner tonight.

Just look at his eyes light up when he realised he was getting some poached fish, he soon got out of his bed then and decided he did have an appetite after all !!

I dare say as he has been relaxing all day it will be another late night of play.  I’ve forgotten when I last had an earlier night – well actually that’s not true, I can remember, it was 36 days ago!!  (but I’m not complaining) lol

Day 37

As Puss Puss had a very relaxing day yesterday he was certainly ready for his usual late night of play.  He started off by playing in the laundry room, and at one point he laid down on his mat and kept staring at his mouse just willing it to move.

Then as usual he went into the dining room to play, he likes to hide under the table and then run out and pounce on his toys and scoot them around the room and then run back under the table.

Whilst he was playing he caught sight of his reflection on the glass kitchen door and sat and stared at it for ages – I don’t think he could make it out – so was he thinking “who is that in the kitchen staring out at me”  or  “gosh, that’s a good looking cat” !?!?  either way it made me laugh.

Like yesterday Puss Puss has been asleep nearly all day, just waking up to move to another bed or to let me know he wanted something to eat.

Having his teeth out doesn’t appear to have affected him in any way, he still enjoys his food and doesn’t appear to have any problems eating.  I am still giving him soft food but the Vet did say I can offer him some dried food as well, which I probably will do in a day or two, and then it will be his choice if he wants the wet or dry food – although knowing him he will probably eat both…..

Hopefully Puss Puss will now go from strength to strength and begin to enjoy his life again.

Day 38

I am really happy to be able to say we have had a very happy and playful Puss Puss today.

He has been really alert and was playing in the dining room with his mouse before breakfast and then again after breakfast and on and off throughout the day, and of course Ying Yang came to watch.  (I don’t know where he has got his energy from today).

Puss Puss really does look so much happier now, which shows in how bright his eyes are – it must be such a relief for him to be pain free in his mouth.

This afternoon he spent a lot of time sitting at the back door looking into the garden, which he doesn’t normally take a lot of interest in, unless of course his cat friends come to call.  I think given the chance he would have liked to have gone out into the garden today, but of course that is not possible.   So I distracted him and offered him some Dreamies, which he managed to eat okay and really enjoyed, and he even sat next to the packet so I could take a photo – the boy is such a poser!

Today has been a good day for Puss Puss, so hopefully he has many more.

Day 39

Puss Puss had a very active and playful day yesterday so I thought he would be ready for an early night, but as always I was wrong, he was still ready for his nightly playtime – and was still playing at midnight.

We had to make an expected trip to the Walk In Centre at the hospital this morning and did not get home until 3.30 pm, and when we got home Puss Puss was asleep in his bed, but once awake and given his overdue lunch he was again very happy and playful and full of life.

As he is now able to eat dry food I have bought a couple of packets of treats for him to try – but which will be his favourite?

I put the 3 packets on the floor with the top of the packets open so he could smell the contents.

He then pointed to the one he liked the smell of, and of course he also likes the look of the packaging as it has a black and white cat on it that looks like his mate Ying Yang.

And then it was time for the all important taste test –  so I put a couple of treats in front of each packet – but which one will he choose?

Well of course he ate all of them !!!!   ha  ha

Day 40

Puss Puss was under the dining room table this morning and we saw him stretch up onto one of the dining room chairs and then started to use the fabric seat pad as a scratching post – naughty boy!

He has got a scratching post but it is too lightweight and falls over every time he attempts to use it, and that naturally frightens him, so can’t blame him for trying to scratch something else.  We did put two hammers on the base of the scratching post to weigh it down, but didn’t look particular good, also worried the hammers might hurt his little paws if they moved, so not such a good idea.  So, it’s off to the Pet shop tomorrow to buy a heavier more suitable one for him to use, don’t want him getting into trouble for scratching the furniture!

Apart from that Puss Puss has had a quiet chilled out day, he has either been laying around in the laundry room or asleep in his box in our garage where it was nice and cool for hm.  I think he played so much during the last two days he has worn himself out.

Day 41

It has been an uneventful day today.  I spent the morning gardening whilst Puss Puss sat at the door watching me. 

Ying Yang turned up whilst I was in the garden so I made a fuss of him but just look at the face on Puss Puss – I don’t think he was too impressed!. 

Me, Barry and Puss Puss all had a very relaxing afternoon, we were all very tired and whilst me and Barry enjoyed an afternoon snooze in the armchair (one of the joys of retirement) Puss Puss was asleep in his bed (but then that is not unusual for him!)

Day 42

Today, like yesterday has been uneventful with not a lot happening.

Puss Puss did have a quick game after his breakfast.  He had all his toys around him but he chose to play with a piece of string I was holding and flicking backwards and forwards for him to chase.

This afternoon he has well and truly been a real sleepy head, he has been curled up fast asleep on his bed looking really cosy, and the only time he has moved was to change positions, oh, and to have his evening meal, and then he promptly when back to his bed.

He didn’t even bother to get off his bed when Ying Yang and the beautiful white cat came to call, and I don’t think they noticed him curled up on his bed.

But now it is 11:20 pm and he has obviously had enough sleep as he has just come into the lounge and walked up to the chair where I am sitting and starting using my armchair as a scratching post – can you believe it – cheeky boy!!!

We have actually acquired a cat tree/scratching post for him today that somebody kindly donated, but Barry needs to make a minor repair to it before Puss Puss can use it.  Think we need to make that a priority tomorrow…..

Day 43

Barry has now made a minor repair to the Cat Tree Scratching Post that someone very kindly donated and we are just hoping that Puss Puss will be kind enough to use it before he gets in the habit of scratching the furniture!!   Bless him   lol

We placed it in the laundry room this morning and a scaredy cat Puss Puss was very quick to run out of the room, he didn’t want to stay in there with that strange new thing in his room, so he went into the dining room to have a play and Tiggy the Tabby watched him playing whilst he sheltered from the pouring rain under the garden chair (don’t worry, he has a very good home and could have gone home to get out of the rain if he wanted to).

Curiosity soon got the better of Puss Puss and he eventually went back in the laundry room and sat and stared at the strange object in his room, and Tiggy was also keen to have a look at it. 

Puss Puss doesn’t seem to be too impressed with it at the moment but I’m hopeful that once he gets used to seeing it he will use it – keeping my  fingers crossed – will let you all know how we get on.

When I got up this morning Puss Puss was enjoying a lovely sleep all curled up as snug as a bug in a rug – but oops I woke him up – wakey wakey sleepy head….

He eventually decided to vacate the comfort of his cosy bed and sat on the door mat watching me prepare his breakfast, and Ying Yang was watching me as well  (I think he was hoping he would also get breakfast!!)

I got to wondering this morning what Puss Puss was originally called, so whilst he was in the laundry room and I was in the kitchen, I thought I would try and call out several names to see if he would respond to any of them.   I called out Charlie, George, Sammy, Bobby, Billy, Felix to name but a few, but  no response to any of them – until I called out Tommy – and then he came into the dining room and stood looking at me – WOW, I thought, could that have been his name.   So I have called him Tommy  several times since – but absolutely no response!!  So I got that wrong….  He probably just came and looked at me out of curiosity to see what all the fuss what about.  So it’s back to Puss Puss – at least he recognises that, and I think it suits him.

He is still not very sure of the new Cat tree and is giving it a wide berth at the moment, but Paula suggested putting Cat Nip or Rescue Remedy on it which I will try to see if we can encourage him to use it.

We have had another good day today, so it’s all looking good for him.

Day 44

Today’s blog is going to be short as I have been out for most of the day, so I would imagine that Puss Puss has just been doing what Puss Puss does best – sleeping!

However, I am sure that as he has had a very restful day he will be well and truly ready for his playtime tonight.

Before Puss Puss came to stay with us I used to go to bed between 10:30 and 11pm but now it is usually after 12:30 because I just love watching him play at night (it’s just as well I don’t have to get up and go to work!)

I think he will soon be going up for adoption so I want to make the most of watching him play whilst he is still with us – but I don’t want to think about the adoption too much just yet (I know there are going to be tears)…..

Day 45

As predicted after a relaxing day yesterday Puss Puss was ready for his playtime last night, he stopped playing at midnight and then retired onto the dining room chair, but I could tell by that glint in his eye that he was going to play again, which he did, and at 12:45 he had tired himself out and was finally  ready for bed – and so was I !!  lol

After his late night of play he was ready as always for his breakfast.  Well he really enjoyed his breakfast and spent ages licking the gravy off his lips.

And then when he was finished he sat by his bowl wanting more of his new favourite food – SHEBA (fish flavours of course!)

I know I’ve said it before –  “he is such a poser” – but he never minds his photo being taken, which is just as well as I’m always following him around taking photos of him.

He has been going in and out of the garage most of today where it is cool for him, but he did come and join us when we were having our dinner tonight (Sirloin Steak and salad) he sat right in front of me watching me eat, so of course when we were finished we saved him a little bit of steak and cut it up really small for him.  He might not have many teeth but it doesn’t stop him from enjoying his food.

Puss Puss has a Vets appointment on the 1st September to have a check up to make sure his mouth has healed, which I am confident it has, and also to finally have his vaccinations.

Day 46

As usual another late evening of play for Puss Puss last night.

For some reason he did not like the Cat Tree/Scratching post being in the laundry room so we moved it into the Dining Room, and also put some cat nip on it as suggested by Paula.  Although he hasn’t used it yet he is now quite happy being around it and was busy playing with his toys under and around it last night.

When he finished playing at 12:30 last night he went into the laundry room – he always uses his litter tray before going to bed – and Ying Yang was looking in the door at him.

In my vivid imagination I can imagine Puss Puss saying to Ying Yang “Stop watching me, I want some privacy, I need to use my litter tray, so I am going to count to 10 and then when I turn around I want you to be gone.” ha ha

Once again today he has been very sensible and has been in the garage sleeping in his box where it is nice and cool, just coming out now and then for something to eat and drink and then going back in there having a game with his toy before going back in his box.  (At least he no longer wants to spend all day everyday in the garage like he did when he first arrived with us when he was very scared.)

The door into the garage is open all day so he can wander in and out whenever he wants to and he is happy to use it as somewhere to hang out when it’s hot, or somewhere to explore, he often goes under the cupboards, probably looking for spiders or a toy he is knocked underneath.  It’s like his outdoor area.  (I was thinking of  putting some grass or plants out there  – but don’t think Barry would be too impressed with them being in his garage!!!  Ha ha  Only joking ……

Day 47

Puss Puss has had a relaxing day today, not doing very much at all,  but he soon came to life when I started cooking the dinner tonight.  He came and sat on the mat in the kitchen and was watching me cooking – he was probably wondering what we were having for dinner and what little treat he might be getting afterwards, but there was no chance of us sharing any of our dinner with him tonight as we were having a Chicken Balti and wasn’t going to risk giving him any of that!!

He has started to spend more time with us in the lounge in the evenings and tonight when he came and joined us he sat in the middle of the room and watched the television for a little while.

When he finished looking at the television he went and stood on the fireplace and we were wondering what he was doing, and then we realised he was looking at his own reflection in the black marble and chrome fire surround, he did this several times during the course of the evening – he is so vain! …..but then he is a good looking 13 year old boy.

Day 48

Not really much to report today as I have been out in the garden a lot of

the time.  We are having a Cat fostering pen built in our back garden next
month so I wanted to clear the space and get the fence panels painted in
that area before the pen is erected, and Puss Puss did keep himself amused
by sitting at the French doors watching me and also Ying Yang , who kept
wrapping himself around my legs whilst I was trying to paint the fence!

When I came in for lunch he was quick to come into the kitchen and stood

wide eyed watching us making our sandwiches, probably in the hope that he
was also going to get something.  Puss Puss then came and sat with us in the lounge and watched us eat our sandwiches, where he did get a little tit bit.

He really seems to have gained a lot of confidence in the last couple of

days – especially when there is food around!

Day 49

When I got up this morning Puss Puss did not seem to be himself, he seemed to be on edge and was very nervous and would not settle.  I kept saying to Barry that I thought something was wrong with him, but now I think he must have sensed there was going to be a thunderstorm.  When the first clap of thunder came it really scared him and he ran and hid behind the armchair, I tried to make a fuss of him to reassure him everything was okay but he didn’t want to be made a fuss of, so I thought it best to just leave him where he wanted to be. 

Once the storm was over I shook the Dreamies packet and he very warily came out and had a few Dreamies, but he couldn’t settle, he kept walking from one room to the other. I tried playing with him but he was only half heartedly playing.  Poor boy has been on edge all day.

However, he did come into the kitchen when we were preparing dinner tonight and enjoyed a few tit bits before having his own dinner, he then went and curled up on his bed where he has been all evening.

It is now 11:50 pm and it doesn’t look like Puss Puss is in the mood for his Playtime tonight, he is obviously still very unsettled.

I have listened to the weather report and there are no more thunderstorms predicted for tonight, so hopefully Puss Puss should have a better day tomorrow.

Day 50

It was sad that Puss Puss had a really bad day yesterday due to the thunder so I was pleased to see him a lot happier this morning. He has been okay today and has been catching up on his sleep (so back to normal).

Puss Puss has got used to being around me and Barry but we want to try and get him more confident when meeting other people, but it is proving difficult at the moment as he gets nervous and wants to hide away, but we are working on trying to improve his confidence. When friends come to visit I think I will now ask them to offer him a treat by hand, to see if he will then go to them – as you know he loves his food and can normally be bribed with food!

He does love his fishy cat treats and when we offer him any by hand he likes to stretch up and hold your hand with his paws while he takes them off of you – he is just so cute.

(I think him and Barry are becoming good friends!)

Day 51

Puss Puss is well and truly back to his old self, he has had a busy day playing with his toys – I sprayed them with catnip and it has made him go all silly and playful. Unfortunately he has still not used the Cat tree/scratching post which I put cat nip on a few days ago but he has just used the armchair again!!!  the armchairs now have throws over them…… lol

For some reason Puss Puss has an attraction to the washing machine and will lie down in front of it especially when it is running.  

As he is a nervous cat and doesn’t like a lot of noise I would have thought that the noise from the machine would frighten him but obviously not.  

Today he kept standing in front of it when I was trying to empty it – or was it because I was washing the bath mats that he likes to lie on!!

Now if only I could teach him to do the washing – that would be amazing!!!

Day 52

I am happy to say that the Cat Nip I sprayed onto the scratching post has had the desired effect as I heard Puss Puss using the scratching post this morning and again this evening, so thank you to Paula for suggesting the Cat Nip.

Puss Puss has had his usual relaxing day and spent most of the afternoon sleeping on the dining room chair with the sun shining on him, he looks like he hasn’t got a care in the world.

I am taking Puss Puss to the Vets thursday afternoon for his dental check up and his vaccinations and I am hopeful that I can report back to you that his mouth has healed and everything is okay.

Day 53

Glad to say Puss Puss is continuing to use his scratching post instead of the armchair which is good news – so now we can say to him “your a good boy” rather than “naughty boy” !!  lol

He has spent most of the afternoon laying on the door mat sun bathing, and even though he had a new toy that he really wanted to play with he didn’t want to leave the sunny door mat, so he played with his new toy whilst still enjoying the sunshine, so he had the best of both worlds.

Although after he finished playing he was tired so took himself off to his bed for a well earned

Day 54

Puss Puss has been to the Vets for a check up to see how his gums are healing.  Steve the Vet examined his mouth and we could see that his gums are still a little bit red from the surgery, but Steve said he was pleased with his progress.  He has had his first vaccination and will need to have another one in 3 weeks time and the Vet said he would also like to check his gums again then.  Puss Puss was very well behaved but found it all quite stressful so he was glad to get back home. 

Once we got home he was back laying on the door mat playing with his new flying fish toy which he thinks is great fun, so he soon forgot about the trip to the Vets.

Day 55

Not much to say today as Puss Puss has had a really lazy day, he has been curled up asleep on his bed in front of the washing machine for most of the day.  I think the trip to the Vets yesterday for his check up and vaccination has upset him so he has taken to his bed.

Although I’m sure once 11pm comes he will be wide awake and playing and usual.

Day 56

Unfortunately I am unable to tell you much about Puss Puss’ 56th day with me as I was out from early morning until late evening (had a girls day out – we went to Poole and it poured with rain and we all got absolutely drenched!!).

Puss Puss was not home alone, he had Barry to look after him, although I am told that Puss Puss kept looking for me.

When I got home I made a big fuss of Puss Puss, but he was not interested in me then, I think he had the hump that he foster Mum and left him all day and he didn’t even want his late evening play with his toys – oh dear I think I upset him!! lol

Day 57 & 58
Sunday & Monday

Puss Puss had his breakfast on Sunday and a quick game with his toys, then relaxed on his bed for a little while and then decided he was going to have nothing to do with me for the rest of the day.  He didn’t want me to stroke him or brush him and if I walked towards him he walked away – OMG what have I done – I could only think it was because I was out all day on Saturday and he didn’t approve of that, although he still had Barry to look after him and to keep him company. Talk about making you feel guilty!!! lol

However, on Monday we are the best of friends again.  He enjoyed an early morning brush before his breakfast and then at lunchtime when we had some Belly of Pork he was quick to come into the kitchen with us.

and then he came and sat in front of me watching me eat my lunch

Day 59

I was doing the hoovering this morning so Puss Puss took himself off into the garage and was soon fast asleep in his box and that is where he spent most of the morning.
A friend of mine popped in this afternoon to see Puss Puss but as usual when someone comes to see us he ran and hid under the table, although once he realised she was not going to bother him he went back onto his bed.  It is such a shame that he is such a scaredy cat, I wish he was more confident around people.
Once my friend had left we had a good time playing together with his favourite toy, which for some reason he likes to play with whilst laying on the mat by the back door. 
At one point when we were playing he grabbed the whole toy and started to bite the stick – with his 4 teeth !!

and then didn’t want to give it back to me – but I had a secret weapon – I got out the Dreamies packet and shook it, and he soon dropped in then – works everytime!!  ha ha

14 thoughts on “The Cat With No Name (a fosterer’s blog on his journey in foster care) Part 1 Days 1-59

  1. I will be interested to learn how old the vet reckons he is. And that wasn't TMI about his toiletting – I would want to know. The only time it would be TMI is if he has spectacular diahorrea, which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy!


  2. It's great that he's put on weight! Sorry to hear about the teeth but he will be sooooo happy when they have been sorted out. It's so good to read this and keep up with him. Thank you for writing this blog.


  3. Thank you so much for your support. We usually post a day behind but tonight because we know everyone has been worrying about him, Day 27 is going up now. Fingers crossed he heals x


  4. This is a lovely diary of a lovely cat, with and equally lovely person fostering him. PussPuss is a gem, I wonder if his foster Mum will become a “foster failure” aka adopting PussPuss?


  5. someone asked Lyn this question on our fb pg yesterday and she gave a lovely reply

    “I know exactly what you mean, but I went into Fostering knowing it would be difficult not to get too attached, but like you say, if I fail on my first foster then I can't help other cats in need and I will care about them all equally (I hope!) but for the time being while I am fostering him I will treat him as if he were my own.. xx”

    Thank you for retweeting our posts. We're not that up to speed with twitter but its great to see our blog reaching so many others and that perhaps we can educate people that senior cats and fiv cats can have long and happy lives x


  6. Lyn, This is wonderful news. He's improved so much since you started to foster him. You can see it if you go back to the start and look at his whole demeanour. Now he has such “body confidence”. He's been very lucky to have had you caring for him – you've got him in the best possible shape for his forever family. xx Well done you! xx


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