Our Cats Stories

DAY 1 


Hi everyone, my name is Finley and I have been with MK Cat Rescue since February, after being reported to them at the start of January. Before I came into care, I was known as the ‘Hospital Cat’, as I was living around the area of MK hospital for over a year. Luckily, the kind staff at the hospital were feeding me twice a day, and because of this I managed to put on weight as I was very bony and skinny beforehand.

After a month and a half on the waiting list, I was brought into foster care, this was scary at first for me. I was neutered, and had my vaccinations which made me feel a lot better. However, despite attempts to socialise me, my fosterer soon realised that I did not enjoy the company of humans as much as a fully domesticated cat, and although I will let you stroke me, it does not make me happy and I will hiss or growl. For this reason, MK Cat Rescue made the decision to look for an outdoor home for me, where I can explore and enjoy my time with limited interactions with humans.

Sadly, I have been waiting for my farm home for a month and a half, and living in the pen is preventing me from living the life I so truly dream for. Therefore, MK Cat Rescue have decided to move me to a new foster home, where I will have more space whilst I wait for my home. I am only 4-5 years approx, and now I’ve received the TLC I needed, I am ready to move on to my forever home. If you could open your heart or home for me, I would be so grateful.

Finley x

MK Cat Rescue: “Finley’s story has touched all our hearts, a cat who lived by himself for so long, and survived with the aid of the hospital staff. It is a hard decision to call, on whether a cat is truly feral or whether they can be worked with to socialise them.  As Finley has been in a pen for a while, and no farm or stable yard has been found, we have taken the decision to move Finley to a foster room where he has more space, and our fosterer can sit with him and see how he comes on. We will continue to look for a farm or stable yard for Finley, but perhaps this move could be the making of him. Its Finley’s choice, we are just giving him the tools to make his decision.”

1.  Britain has around 1 million feral cats.
      2. 90% of feral kittens die within their first year, either due to health issues, starvation or deformities from inbreeding within feral colonies.
     3. Kittens born from either a feral or domestic female will be untameable in most cases, if they have not essential human contact within the first 3-8 weeks of their life.
    4. Members of the public may attempt to cull feral colonies. However, the government have now made certain procedures illegal to prevent pain and suffering, items such as leg-hold traps have been banned in the UK.

 Reference (messybeast.com/ukferal)

  DAY 2

     Hello there, my name is Solomon, well Solly for short! I have been with my fosterer Lyn for a month now, and she is taking great care of me. Before I came into care, I was a stray and luckily, I was being fed at the same house as Sheba (the white beauty). However, when we were brought into care we made it very clear that we did not like each other, and it was purely a love of food that was keeping the peace when we came together at the house. So, I moved into the pen at Lyn’s and Sheba moved into Debbie’s house for foster care.

     When I arrived at Lyn’s, I wasn’t in the best way, I had a flea infestation and from overgrooming most of my fur was patchy or had disappeared ☹.. After a health check by the vet, they also confirmed that all my 4 canines were broken, so I was booked in for a dental to have two of them removed and two repaired!

     After my dental and flea treatment, I received some well-deserved TLC, which was lovely as I finally had time to relax. I’m quite shy when I first meet you, but once Lyn had gained my trust, I showed her just how loving and friendly I really am! I absolutely love my cuddles, and enjoy the occasional tummy rub. I also like to be brushed now that my fur is growing back properly yay.

     I have been looking for my forever home for a few weeks now, I am 8 years old and I would really love to be curled up in a home of my own. I need a quieter household, where I can be given some time to gain confidence and learn to be myself. I have so much left to give, could you be the one to make my dreams come true?
     Lots of love,
     Solly x

     MK Cat Rescue: “Solly is such a sweetheart, we receive a lot of cats into our care where we don’t know their background or history.  What we do know is that Solly was neutered when he came in, so at some stage someone loved him enough to get him neutered…but not chipped.  The circumstances of Solly and Sheba meeting and sharing a space for food only is a good example of cats tolerating one another.  Not all cats are destined to live with one another but for food or shelter they will put up with cats!  It is always difficult to see such loving and trusting cats coming into care, but we determined to find Solly his purrfect home….he deserves quite simply the best”


   1. Seasonal changes can cause skin conditions for cats, the same as it can for humans.

   2. Young, elderly and cats in overcrowded and stressful environments are at higher risk of developing a skin condition.
   3. Regular flea treatment is essential to preventing skin irritation, cats should receive flea treatment every 4-5 weeks.

(Reference: http://pets.webmd.com/cats/skin_problems_in_cats#1)

   DAY 3

      Hi everyone, my name is Scotty. I have been in MK Cat Rescue’s care for a few weeks now, as I was living as an unneutered stray beforehand. I wandered around a lot, and would end up being attracted to females who were in season! I ended up in an area, where I kept spraying a lot and leaving my scent, I was making the residents unhappy and it wasn’t very good. However, this led to MK Cat Rescue being made aware of me and luckily, I was brought into foster care, so now I am relaxing and having some quiet time in a warm place.

      When I first came into foster care, I was really scared and hid, it was a complete overhaul from what I had become used to. I would let my fosterer and a volunteer stroke me, and I would eat the treats they gave me of course, yum! But I couldn’t relax and felt a bit on edge. Then I was taken to the vets, and they neutered me and gave me vaccinations, I was really shocked by this and I was a little grumpy for a few days afterwards oops!

      I am now staying in the pen, which is okay, because I’m not quite sure yet if I enjoy human company or not, so I’m being given the time to make my decision. I will still let people stroke me, but I find it hard to trust people after everything I’ve been through on my own, however they aren’t giving up on me and they spend the time sitting with me, talking to me and giving me treats, and after a little while I do start to relax and I don’t mind their company. But I make sure to tell them if I have had enough hehe!

I     I haven’t had the best start to life, I’m only around 5 years old and feel I still have the whole of my life ahead of me. I’m going to continue working on my progress with socialisation, and when I am ready to find my forever home, MK Cat Rescue can tell all you lovely people.

      Scotty x

      MK Cat Rescue: “Scotty is a lovely boy, he is still very scared and it is clear that he has a tough time trusting people. We are working carefully with him in small doses now, to try and gain his trust, because his behaviour does not come across as that of a feral cat. We are hopeful that he will learn to trust us, and in turn we can provide him with love he needs. Scotty absolutely loves his treats, and he has realised that treats bring good things and if you sit with him for a while, he really does start to relax in your company. We will keep you updated on his progress”


     1. Cats can be neutered from 4-5 months of age depending on their development.  
     2. Unneutered males are likely to stray over a wide area, mark their territory and fight. 
     3. Fighting males are more likely to spread FIV+ and felV to other cats, and will likely           suffer injuries such as abscesses.
     4. Unneutered males are at higher risk of being involved in a road traffic collision (RTA)       due to how fair they wander.
     5. If you have a male pet that is unneutered, he is very likely to stray and not return.

  DAY 4


    Hello everyone, we are Oscar and Daisy. We have been at our fosterers for a few weeks now, and we are still adjusting. Sadly, our owner was moving and could not take us with them, so we are still a little bit in shock. Luckily, we are now in a nice environment waiting for our forever home!

     We have both had our vaccinations and we’ve been microchipped, yay! We absolutely adore one another, and we are so lucky to have been able to stay with each other during this process, there is no way we can rehomed separately. When you first see us, we might run and hide, but we just like to suss you out before coming for cuddles. If you come and sit in the room, we will come to you when we’re ready for cuddles, and you’ll see we are very friendly and love being fussed, we just need a little bit of time to get to know you.

     We are only 6 and 4 years old, and we would absolutely love a home to call our own where we can explore. We have always lived as indoor cats, so we are looking for another indoor home. The events of the past few months have affected us, and we are still feeling confused by what’s happened. If you could give us the purrrfect home, we would be the purrrfect pair and make you so happy, and in turn you will give us everything we have dreamed of.


    Oscar and Daisy x



     MK Cat Rescue: “Oscar and Daisy are absolute sweethearts! They have really caring and funny personalities, and they just need to be given a bit of time to suss you out first before coming for a fuss. They really depend on each other, and we wouldn’t dream of separating them at all, it is extremely important they find a forever home together! Oscar is long, and cheeky like a mini Panther, and little Daisy is quite small, and she is so sweet. The would make brilliant companion cats for either an independent person, couple or family with children over the age of 8.”

  1.Cats and kittens should be in pairs whenever possible, as cat families interact best in pair
  2. If a pair of cats are extremely fond of each other, separating them could make them severely depressed and cause health issues.
  3. If adopting a pair of kittens, it is advised that adopting one female and one male from the same litter is the best combination.

(Reference: (petmd.com)

   DAY 5


    Hello, my name is Willow. I have been in the care of MK Cat Rescue since December 2016, although I was a stray and turned up at a lady’s house in November 2016 as I was hungry and I was in search of somewhere warm because it was so cold. The lady was very nice, and looked after me and let me stay in her house, however I am quite a nervous and shy little girl and her other cats and her children really frightened me. She realised it was not the right environment for me, and I was brought into care.

     Sadly, when I first went to my fosterer Sally, I was really scared and it did take a while to gain my trust. But once she had it, I really grew in confidence and I now enjoy having a nice cuddle and I can relax. I really love my treats too, I’m very lucky as I do get lots, yummmmy!! I keep dreaming of being outside exploring, I sit by the window looking outside at everything that is going on, until I find my forever home I am unable to go outside, and I would really love to!  

      I would love to find my forever home, I am only 2-3 years old approx. and I feel like I deserve to be in a home I can call my own. I know I’m shy to begin with, but please don’t let that put you off, once I trust you I will give you everything and I will be entirely yours. If you can open you heart to let me give you all the trust and love I’m desperate to give, I will be the happiest little girl ever!


      Willow x

     MK Cat Rescue: “Willow is such a sweet girl, she has had a short but quite tough life but we are keen to find her the loving home she deserves. Sally, her fosterer, has spent a lot of time building up Willow’s confidence and she is ready to be in a home of her own. People are often put off by cats who are shy to begin with, but they shouldn’t be! These cats usually have the most love to give, but they are simply scared after being let down in their past. It’s really important to find Willow patient owners, who can give her the time to gain their trust and show her true personality.”


   1. The average age for a female to have her first season is 5-6 months old.
   2. One female cat can have 3-4 litters per year, with an average of 4-6 kittens per litter!
   3. It is estimated that just one female cat who hasn’t been spayed, could be responsible for 20,000 descendants in just 5 years, if all her offspring go on to reproduce. 
   4. Approximately 850,000 kittens are born each year in the UK, many of which end up abandoned or in rescue centres.
   5. Over-breeding a female can take its toll. Having too many litters can cause health problems for her and her kittens.
   6. It is a complete myth that a female needs one litter before being spayed!
   7. Females who have not been spayed are more prone to developing cancer in the ovaries and uterus. And are also at an elevated risk of developing mammary gland cancer.

(Reference: bluecross.co.uk)

   DAY 6


     Hi everyone, my name is Derek and I have been with MK Cat Rescue since March of this year. Before coming into care, I was living as a stray in Bletchley for quite a long time, I was reported to MK Cat Rescue and they neutered me in August last year to help me. Sadly, they couldn’t bring me into care at the time but once a space opened up they brought me in to foster care.

     When I came into care I had matted fur and I wasn’t very well, luckily Angela has been taking very good care of me, and now I am looking much better! I’m not sure right now whether I enjoy human company or not, Angela works hard to gain my trust so I have a chance of being rehomed. I have lived on my own for a long time, meaning I am not used to human company but I am hopeful that once socialised I will start to feel more relaxed.

I    I am not very old, and I have had a rough time in my life, I would really love to have a happy ending! Mk Cat Rescue will keep you updated and when I am ready for my new home 😊

     Derek x

       MK Cat Rescue: “Derek is a lovely boy, he’s had a tough time over the past few years and is now enjoying some well-deserved TLC! His fosterer Angela, is working hard to bring him round and hopefully he will be ready to be rehomed soon. Derek can be a bit scared, but it is important to remember the journey he has had into care, he is unsure of who to trust and what will happen in his future, so bearing that in mind he has every right to be a little reserved with people. But we have faith that he will get there in terms of trusting people.”


    1. Grooming long haired cats is essential, whether they like or not. For this reason, it is best to start grooming them at a young age so they can get used to it.
    2. Build trust a little at a time, start off with their back and reward them each time they let you keep grooming them, they will start to associate it as a good thing.
    3. Be gentle!
    4.Older cats need more help with grooming, as they lose interest or unable to groom themselves.
    5. It is best to the groom your cat yourself, rather than take them to the groomers, as it can be too stressful for them to go to the groomers, only take them if it’s absolutely necessary.

(Reference: healthypets.mercola.com)

   DAY 7 
      Hi guys, my name is Sheba! I have been with MK Cat Rescue since February, I came into care with Solomon, who was at the same house where I was being fed. However, we didn’t like each other at all, it was entirely a love of food that kept us together haha! So, we went to separate foster homes, and oh I’m enjoying being number one now and getting all the cuddles.

     Sadly, I was abandoned and that is how I ended up in care, I am confused as to why my owner did not want me anymore, but now I am really looking forward to finding my forever home and never ever leaving!! I am a very friendly girl, and I just love cuddles from anyone. I am making up for lost time with the amount of cuddles I enjoy 😊

      I am 8 years old, and I would really love to be in a home of my own, lounging around and enjoying lots of fuss. It’s not too much to dream for really, if you think I would make a loving companion for you, please contact the team and get me on my way to my forever home.

     Lots of Love
     Sheba xx

     MK Cat Rescue:”Sheba is a stunning girl, with a wonderful personality. She has had a hard life, and surprisingly has so much trust and love for people, despite the circumstances of how she ended up in our care. Sheba really deserves a loving home, where she can relax and feel content knowing she is safe with people who love her.” 


    1. Homeless animals outnumber homeless people 5 to 1.
    2. One of the most common reasons for abandonment, is the reality that pets cost time and money, and involve a lot of patience.
    3. It is estimated that majority of people who obtain a kitten as a gift will rehome or abandon them within the first year.
    4. Spaying and neutering is a contributing factor to abandonment, ensuring your cats have been done will decrease the number of kittens being abandoned.
    5. Many charities recover kittens and cats abandoned in horrible places. Last year the RSPCA recovered two 5-week-old kittens from a skip, sadly only one survived.
    6. Abandonment has a lasting effect on a cat’s mental state, and their ability to trust humans.

(Reference: peta.com) 

 Thank you for taking the time to read all of our stories, we will sharing our success of the blog tomorrow. Lots of love, the MK Cat Rescue Cats xxxx

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