Introducing a New Cat To Your Existing Cat

Introducing a new cat to a current cat in your household, unsure of what steps you should follow? Please read to find out more.

Step 1 – Before you take your new cat home

– Scent is incredibly important to cats, so this should be done prior to adoption. – Before your new cat arrives, start swapping bedding and toys between the cats. Giving them some time to adjust to the new scents.

– You can place these things in your current cats favourite resting place and also encourage treats during the times they are around the new scent. Allowing them to determine a positive reaction of being around this smell.

Step 2 – Bringing your new cat home

– When bringing a new cat into your household, it is important that you do not immediately put them in with your existing cat.

– Set up a separate room for your new cat, with bedding, food, water, etc they should go straight in here once adopted and remain in there for a few days. This is encouraged whenever a cat enters a new environment, it gives them time to adjust to their new surroundings.

– This gives your cats time to adjust to stronger scents, while they can still maintain a distance.

Step 3 – Scent swapping

– Continue to keep swapping scents throughout the household.- Once a few days have passed, you can introduce them visually, but this must be done slowly.

– Try starting off with each cat at one end of a long corridor or room. – Distraction techniques, such as a food and toys, can be used.

– Each time increase the visual contact, ensuring you make a fuss of both cats, keeping them comfortable.

– If at anytime they show signs of stress or aggression, remove the new cat and repeat the process after another few days.

Some cats may never accept each other into their household. However, you have the best possible chance following this method. 💞