Happy Endings

We are proud of have re-homed over 140 cats so far. Here are some of our happy endings!

Kipper came into our care having been abandoned by his owner. He was living under shrubs for some months before he was reported to us, and brought into foster. After a few weeks in foster he found a loving new home in Bedford.

This lovely chap came into our after he was struggling to adapt to a home with other cats. As a black cat you would expect him to be hanging around wouldn’t you.  It took 3 days before Bumble was reserved and he was in his new home within 3 weeks!

This lovely girl came into our care when her owners could no longer cope.  At 6 months of age she was quickly snapped up!

Benji had been living in shelters in someone’s back garden for several weeks and was so scared the only way to get into foster was by humanely trapping.  That took nearly 14 days as Benji was so nervous of people.  We’re wondering what may have happened to Benji to be so scared of people, but sadly having been neutered and spent a few weeks in care it became clear that whatever had happened to Benji he wasn’t prepared to change his ways and that’s fine with us.  So we found Benji a lovely stable yard in Buckingham where he has a lovely barn to call his own and receive regular food and has people keeping a watchful eye over him.  He is loved and safe but on his terms.

This lovely chap came into our care with the name “Demon Cat”. Henry was a stray for a long time, and refused point blank to co-operate with us or the vets!  Left as an entire tom and being 7 years old his behaviour was ingrained and his aggression meant we placed him at the same stable yard as Benji.

This beautiful girl was admitted into our care in early September, having been found on the streets severely malnourished.

It’s been a long road for this girl, she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism whilst in our care, but took it all in her stride.

Luckily, she has found a loving home to spend the final chapter of her live, by the seaside! Prinny was adopted in November 2016.

This beautiful girl came into our care after she was saved from being sold on Gumtree, she settled into foster care, and luckily has found the perfect companion where she will enjoy a nice quiet, and loving home. Luna was rehomed in November 2016.

These 3 beautiful fluffballs came into our care last month, there’s no surprise that they were snapped up quickly and they went to their forever homes at the start of November.

This chap came into our care on the 16 August 2016.  He was playing chicken on a very busy road and has already suffered some trauma to his eye.  He is a beautiful lad no more than 3-4 years of age.  He has been neutered, chipped and vaccinated.
He had a tiny tear to his third eyelid on his right when he came into us, he had an operation to rectify the issue, and has recovered really well.
Bobby finally found his forever home in October 2016, after a few months in foster care, good luck for the future Bobs.


Reported to us on the 11 August 2016 as his owner had died and he was living on the street trying to get into the neighbour’s homes.

Leo is 10 years of age, he has one eye and four teeth! He is a lovely boy, and very affectionate.

He found his forever home in October 2016, with a lovely new owner.

Trevor was reported to us in August 2016.  He had been living in someone’s back garden for a few months and beginning to struggle with living outside.  We went out and visited Trevor and he showed signs of being a much loved cat.  He was just a little grumpy having not been neutered and not chipped but that was it.


We were concerned with how Trevor was particularly the condition of his coat, the fact that he wasn’t particularly welcome by the others cats that lived nearby so we brought him into foster a few weeks later.  He was fully vet checked and neutered and well the change in him was quite something.



Trevor was adopted in early October and we wish him every happiness in his new home.



Rocky was reported to us as an aggressive feral.  So we made plans to trap him and relocate to a farm. 

Once trapped we knew that Rocky was no feral…he sat in the cat pen looking most perplexed!

We got Rocky neutered and quite frankly he literally turned into a little dog! 

We were delighted when Rocky found his new home! Just look at this photograph, just one big happy family.



Penny came into our care on the 4 August 2016, she was trapped in Buckingham along with her daughter Rosie and Rosie’s five kittens.  Penny had been abandoned and given birth to kittens in someone’s back garden.  This meant that Rosie her daughter was pure feral so Rosie was neutered and relocated to a farm in north Milton Keynes.  Penny was neutered and moved to stay at Annie’s whilst the kittens were socialised by Angela.


Sid is our little love bug.  He came into our care as he was covered in fleas, was going into other people’s houses searching for food and was upsetting the local cats. 

Sid was brought into foster and was neutered.  After a few weeks his personality came out and he met Penny who was in the pen next door.  They fell in love.  Thankfully they found a home together and to this day…well they say a picture says a thousand words!



Meowth we believe was Penny’s son.  He was older than the other kittens that we trapped with Penny & Rosie.  He took a little more time to socialise but Angela did a wonderful job and he found a home shortly after his siblings.




Evee came into our care with her siblings, mum Rosie and nan Penny.  She was a little sweetie right from the start and soon found a loving home with a family friend of one of our volunteers.


This little beauty came into our care with his entire family, grandmother included! He was quite nervous to begin with, but once hes get to know someone he relaxes.

This senior chap came into our care also on the 9 July 2016.  He had been living in someone’s back garden and despite being chipped we’ve not been able to contact his owners.
Puss has his own page on our blog http://mkcatrescue.blogspot.co.uk/p/the-story-of-one-cat.html so that everyone can follow his journey in foster.  Puss Puss has recovered well from his dental and is the proud owner of four teeth!  He twisted his fosterer’s round his little paw and in September they officially adopted him x


Russ came into our care in July of this year, he has now found his furrever home.


Meeko came into our care the first weekend in September, he was signed over with his sister Lily but they weren’t very fond of each other, so we decided to home them separately to ensure their happiness.


This beautiful lady came us into the first weekend in September, she was signed over with her brother Meeko. They didn’t particularly get along, so to ensure their happiness we decided to rehome them separately.  Suffice to say that both Lily and Meeko were snapped up.


Minnie came into our care as she wasn’t getting on with the resident dog.  At two years old she is simply adorable but was rather possessive of her food we’ve never seen a cat who was living in a home eat so fast!  She settled in really well and was adopted a few weeks after being brought into care.


This beautiful lad came into our care and his journey into foster was captured on one of our videos:


Ritchie was rehomed on the 17 August 2016.  Now called Ziggy he has well and truly got his paws under the table.


Katie came into our care as her owner was moving into rented accommodation and wasn’t applied pets.  He had rescued her as a kitten and was heartbroken to have to say good bye.  We were delighted to keep her previous owner updated as she settled in and after a few weeks in care she found herself a loving new home.


Ebony came into our care following the death of her owner.


She was rehomed on the 15 August 2016 and safe to say she is settling in very well.


Lulu came into care after her original owner wanted her pts as she had urinary issues.  Whether true or not, Lulu had no issues in that department in care but was a very scared little girl.

Lulu is 5 years old took a little bit of time to settle under the watchful eye of her fosterer but after a few short weeks she has found a home with a lovely lady.


Ginny, Amber & Bandit

Born in our care on the 4 May 2016.  Mum had been living on a farm and had already had one litter outside, where only one kitten had survived and was now feral.  Determined that this litter would be socialised and found loving homes we brought their mum into foster.  She had a lovely large room to stay in and showed no signs of stress, purely focused on raising her young.

When her kittens were rehomed, mum was neutered and relocated.



Bandit: A complete mummy’s boy who is very confident and loves hs belly being rubbed

Ting & Tang

These little cuties came into our care on the 9 June 2016 as their owner was struggling to find a home for them.  Like most cat lovers we adorable mini black panthers and we knew immediately that these two were full of love and energy (!) when they first arrived in our care.

Tang loved to sit on her fosterer’s shoulders whilst Ting would happily sit on her lap.  They clearly adored one another so we were quietly hoping that we would find them a home together.  After just three weeks in our care and having been vet checked, vaccinated and chipped, we were delighted to be contacted by a lovely couple.  Suffice to say that Ting and Tang were snapped up and our prays were answered and they found a loving and safe home together.

Molly, Noodle & Wilba

Molly came into our care having been found in living in a car park with one kitten who we called Noodle.

Molly & Noodle living in a car park

Noodle was rehomed after a few weeks in our care as she was already 7 weeks old when she came in but it became clear that Molly was already well established in another pregnancy.  Sadly Molly experienced a very difficult labour and lost three of her kittens.  The one remaining surviving kitten was a little boy.

On the 20th April the little one at 9 days old opened his eyes and his fosterer called him Wilba.


Wilba turned in a beautiful little boy who was adopted at 9 weeks old.  Molly his mum also found a loving home in North Milton Keynes.

If a lovely couple in central Milton Keynes hadn’t reported Molly and Noodle to us then there is no doubt that Molly wouldn’t have survived that second pregnant.


Sheba came into our care with her sister Xena having been found living in a barn.

At six months of age and having some Bengal breeding in them we knew it was going to be a challenge to socialise them but we are here to give every cat a second chance even those that may not initially appreciate it!

Sheba quickly showed her playful and softer side and we were delighted when Mel asked to meet her as she already had experience of Bengal cats.  After two weeks in Mel’s home, Sheba was ready to give Mel a cuddle and the camera was there to capture it!

We wish Mel and Sheba a very happy life together.



Tim came into our care with his mum and new litter of kittens.  As a friendly, playful six month old it took no time at all for him to a find a new home.  He joined Milo one of our other foster cats living with Jacqueline.



This beautiful lad is about 3 years of age and sadly had been living in someone’s  back garden as his owners moved and left him.  Having ensured that his owner had definitely moved – no response to collar or advertising as a found cat we put him on our waiting list to come into foster.

He came into our care on the 24 February 2016 and having been confirmed as fit for rehoming by our vet we took a photo of him in preparation to advertise him for rehoming after 14 days in our are.

In fact the photo never made it on our facebook page.  A lovely lady contacted us who was looking for a cat who was good with children.  We already knew that Stewie was so laid back and confident that he would be fine with children so arranged a viewing.  The meeting was a huge success and Stewie was rehomed on the 13 March 2016.  Suffice to say he is very happy.



Noodle came into our care on the 16 February 2016. Noodle and mum had been living in an underground car park for several weeks.  Mum is sadly pregnant again so remains in our care but its good to see that Noodle (now called Poppy) is settling in.

Noodle in her new home 🙂


Reggie had clearly been mistreated prior to be found as a stray and brought into our care.  His rehoming poster was spotted at a fundraising event and we were delighted that he has found a loving and safe home with Ann.


Rupert came into our care from Greensands Vets.  He was found cold and hungry on an industrial estate where he had been seen for some weeks.  Sadly no one came forward to claim him as theirs so we got him vaccinated and chipped and after a good rest he was re-homed on the 18 February 2016. Rupert is the kind of cat that as soon as he sees you he wants a cuddle so we know he is going to have a very happy and contented life with his new owner who stays at home most days.


Bilbo came into our care on the 11 January 2016 and is a senior cat who has been signed over to us as the alternative was unthinkable.


Bilbo was at the vets on Friday, 15 January 2016 and was neutered at the grand olde age of 11! He also had his teeth cleaned and was chipped and vaccinated. He’s a dear old chap who just wants somewhere to lay his head and chill with his catnip (seen in picture under his chin).

We popped along to see how Bilbo was doing on 24 January 2016 and were delighted to see that his fur was getting a lovely gloss to it and he was more responsive not only to Annie his fosterer but also to other volunteers who he had now met on several occasions.  It really does feel like Bilbo was shut down when he came into our care but with time he is beginning to understand that people can be nice, good company and can give you lots of fuss and treats which can be rather enjoyable.

When a lady came forward looking for a senior, indoor cat we couldn’t believe our luck.  But when they meet on the 13 February 2016, his new owner was so patient and just waited for Bilbo to come to her.  Annie his fosterer knew instantly that this was a match made in heaven.


Ava was mum to Bertie & Barney and found her new home just a day or so after her little ones had found their home.



These little fellas came into our care when they were only a few weeks old but look at them now.  They went off to their new home on the 20 January 2016 and looks like they have settled in very well indeed.



Elsa came into our care in November 2015.  She had been found 5 weeks beforehand at Bleak Hall Industrial Estate.  Very hungry, dirty and with a few cuts and bruises a lovely chap took her into a vets for a scan for a chip.  No chip and no one came forward to claim her.

Elsa was given a clean bill of health by the vets a few days in our care.  However during her stay in foster it appeared she had a rather slight wobble when she turned on her hind legs & when Elsa went back for her 2nd vaccination jab the vet confirmed that she had a very mild form of wobbly cat syndrome.

The condition (cerebellar hypoplasia) requires no treatment and will not deteriorate or cause any health issues in the future.  We put some video footage of Elsa on our blog and facebook page so that people can see her wobble.
Elsa was re-homed in early January 2016 and first reports sound extremely promising.  We’re looking forward to receiving a photo of her in her new home soon.

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