Cats In Our Care

Update:These cats are NOT YET AVAILABLE for homing.
However, if one of them steals your heart, then feel free to inform us of your interest.


Please welcome Charlie, she is from the first litter of a previous foster cat, Ivy. Charlie was signed over into our care because their owner moved abroad. She is a 7-month-old, super sweet, fluffy, friendly little girl. She is going to be neutered soon and if everything is fine, she will be looking for a loving home to call her own.


He is a 7-year-old ragdoll cat. He was signed over into our care because his owner’s circumstances sadly had changed. He will be vet checked and if everything is fine, he will be soon looking for a loving home to call his own.


Alvin (top left), Simon (bottom left) and Theodore (right) were discovered in Stantonbury along with their mother. Sadly we’ve been unable to capture mum as yet, we fear she’s gone to ground probably already pregnant with her next litter.

These little ones are approximately 11 weeks of age and having been safely trapped, its clear they’ve had no physical contact from humans and both Simon and Alvin are suffering from ulcers in their eyes. All three are a little hissy but thankfully Angela can handle Simon and Alvin sufficiently to administer their eye treatment. We are hopeful that Simon won’t lose his eye that is ulcerated but Alvin will require enucleation, an operation to remove the badly ulcerated eye. We are hopeful that with regular lubrication we can safe his other eye.



We are currently holding a short waiting list for people wanting kittens.

If you would like to register your interest in adopting a kitten or younger cat please contact us ( or 07741 510 799).
We are also interested in potential owners for older cats. All our cats are thoroughly vet checked before being declared fit for homing including senior cats.