Cats In Our Care

These cats are NOT YET AVAILABLE for homing.
However, if one of them steals your heart, then feel free to inform us of your interest.
Willow came into our care on Monday of this week following a call for help from her concerned owners. At 3 years of age a change of circumstances meant she had moved out of her home. Whilst the decision was very difficult for her family, she was admitted into foster and following a night in Annie’s pen and settling in very well, we are moving her to Carole for indoor fostering and will be off to the vets for a health-check in the next few days.


Abernathy was brought into foster on 19 December 2018, having been found as a stray in the summer in North MK. Over the summer a concerned member of the public started to gain his trust by feeding him and his fur slowly started to grow back. Abernathy wasn’t chipped or neutered and is a little feisty at the moment. Having been neutered last week we will let him settle and see how gets on with being in foster.


Over the Christmas break we received a report of a cat living in a temporary cat shelter in Toll Gate Street, Tingewick. Unfortunately, with no microchip and with no signs of the cat leaving the garden where the shelter was placed. We took the decision to admit this neutered male into foster on 1 January 2019. We’ve called him Tin Tin, he is approximately 8 years of age and he was seen by the vet yesterday and treated for parasites. We will hold Tin Tin for 14 days in the hope that an owner will come forward.
Update: Following an indoor foster space becoming available, we moved Tin Tin a week ago to Rebecca’s. He’s settled in really well but will be seeing the vets again next week for his second vaccination and further health review.
tin tin1
Our Bruno hasn’t had the greatest of luck so far, he had a mild case of the sniffles on admission in mid-November and his mouth was in quite a mess. He didn’t particularly like our company, would hiss and swipe with claws and did not like feet. Adding insult to injury, we neutered him and he had a major dental that confirmed he had 16 teeth missing and what were left required cleaning or roots being removed. Whilst we knew both procedure would make him feel much better… it takes time for him to settle and learn that we aren’t so bad. However, things have gotten a little worse for Bruno as the procedures have triggered major onset of cat flu. Meaning he now needs daily steaming to help clear his nasal passages. Having seen the vet on Friday, his luck then started to turn as an indoor foster room became available and Bruno is now in the very safe hands of Virginia and her family. We’ll keep you updated on his progress but for now this boy needs to focus on settling into a home environment having lived as a stray for over 2 years and get better.
Update: He’s settled into foster pretty well but still likes to lash out so hasn’t settled 100%. We’re delighted that his flu symptoms have reduced significiantly with just a slight sniffle remaining. He’ll remain in foster for the time-being until he’s fully recovered and then we’ll see whether Bruno would suit relocating rather an into a family home… time will tell.
Beautiful Lucille came into emergency foster before Christmas. Whilst she was due to come into care in the new year, her family has been evacuated from their home due to a gas leak. So it made sense for this little one to come immediately into our care. Sold on Gumtree as a Bengal, we’re thinking she’s more Savannah. Lucille has been over-grooming and receiving treatment from the vets to gain weight and treatment for fleas so she’ll settle into foster now and we’ll update you on her progress in the new year. Please note Lucille is not ready for adoption and will require assessment prior to us determining the right home that she needs.
Update: Lucille has been seen by a vet and moved to indoor foster. Having settled in rather well only time will tell if Lucille leaves.
We received a report of a young cat that had been hanging around a local takeaway in Galley Hill. It took 2 weeks but we finally managed to trap him and admit into foster in mid November. He needs to see a vet as he has an eye infection, flea infestation and isn’t neutered or chipped. But he’s in safe hands now.
Update: In January 2019 he was neutered and had a few teeth removed but refused to use a litter tray. Several weeks into foster, his tummy had settled, he was receiving steroid treatment for his scabs and he was a loving and very friendly young boy – but we still had an issue – he wouldn’t use the litter tray. After discussions with our vet and senior fosterer we took the decision to move him an indoor foster with laminate flooring. Could being in a pen where other cats were always swinging by to say hello be the cause of his distress and subsequently refusal to use the litter trays. Well we brought Jingles into an indoor foster last week and suffice to say, he’s using the litter tray. He isn’t quite ready for rehoming as we are waiting for his skin to clear-up but big thank you to MK Vets for their support and advise.
This 10 year old gentleman came into our care via Midsummer Vets. He had been admitted as a stray and required treatment for fleas and had a dental. Following a follow-up visit to the vets, Ritchie may well need some further dental work, but is adjusting to being in foster very well. He’s settling in rather well and has found a comfy spot on the sofa!
He has already had half his dental completed and he is recovering well. He will be reviewed by our vet next week.
RitchieRitchie update

We are currently holding a short waiting list for people wanting kittens.

If you would like to register your interest in adopting a kitten or younger cat please contact us ( or 07741 510 799).
We are also interested in potential owners for older cats. All our cats are thoroughly vet checked before being declared fit for homing including senior cats.