Cats In Our Care

These cats are NOT YET AVAILABLE for homing.
However, if one of them steals your heart, then feel free to inform us of your interest.

We thought it was time you were introduced to Cola and Fanta 😻. These guys came into care n 12 May 2018 having been found in someone’s back garden.

Cola is reserved but Fanta, well she’s a little hissy and not so happy about being handled. She also has a minor eye complaint that requires treatment. Its impossible to say at the moment whether Fanta is going to come round to liking us so we won’t be taking any homing enquiries about her for now.




On 16 April 2018, Stewart was out with the intention of trapping a reported pregnant cat.  When Ray took the decision that he actually need help too and walked into the trap and into Stewart’s life.  It was obvious from looking at Ray that he needed to see a vet and within a few days he was being wrapped in a towel by Stewart and Annie and receiving treatment for his eye infection and recovering from cat flu.
Ray in trap
Ray is approximately 12-13 years of age and on the 2 May 2018 was neutered and received a full health screen and had a dental.
You can see from the photograph below that his eyes are clearing up and he’s looking better already.  Ray will now be given time to heal and then will be looking for his forever home.
Ray week after treatment

Derek came into our care, via Milton Keynes Veterinary Group, as he had reportedly been living as an entire tom for 10+ years and he was very unwell.

Derek is now settling into a lovely indoor foster home, whilst he receives treatment. He is approx 12 years old, and has missed many years of love and fuss.

He is a really lovely boy, who just wants cuddles. He continues to received daily medication in an attempt to stablise his health condition and we remain in close contact with the vets as to his progress.

UPDATE: 16/03/18 – Derek’s previous thyroid blood test showed he was at the high end of normal with a reading of 55, the good news is he is now showing a reading of 32! This is a significant improvement. Derek has also gained half a kilo in weight since his last blood test, and in the last 36 hours there have been improvements with his diarrhoea. This is absolutely fabulous news for our boy.

January 2018

UPDATE: 10/04/18 – Derek is continuing to improve day by day, he is such a lovable lad who loves to play… you wouldn’t think he’s 10+. The vets are happy with his progress, and are hoping to neuter him very soon.




We are currently holding a short waiting list for people wanting kittens.

If you would like to register your interest in adopting a kitten or younger cat please contact us ( or 07741 510 799).
We are also interested in potential owners for older cats. All our cats are thoroughly vet checked before being declared fit for homing including senior cats.