Cats In Our Care

Update:These cats are NOT YET AVAILABLE for homing.
However, if one of them steals your heart, then feel free to inform us of your interest.


Our four newest admissions were found between a shed and a wall, the young mum had five kittens, unfortunately one had passed away before we arrived. Luckily for the others, eagle eyed neighbours had spotted the mum cat and rung, emailed, fb messaged and instagrammed us about their plight.

Our volunteers went out and rescued the kittens however mum was not coming near enough to catch. After waiting half an hour with the kittens tucked up warmly, it was decided to take them straight to the vet and come back to trap mum. The four kittens were given the all clear by the vet, and armed with new born kitten formula were rushed into Caroles capable arms, and a nice warm heating pad.

As we left to fetch the trap we received a message that mum had been caught and was in the carrier we had left. Joyfully we fetched mum and reunited her with the kittens, and all are now doing very well! Many thanks to Vashti and Holly, without whose care and determination the outcome would have been a lot worse.

Update: Sadly, despite our best efforts we have lost 2 of the kittens. Little Rupert (2nd from the left) is being hand-reared by Carole with 2 hourly feeds. He weighs 70 grams whilst his remaining sibling, Dougie (ginger) continues to be fed by mum is 145 grams. Please send lots of love to Rupert that he continues to feed and gain weight.

Update2: Despite Carole’s best efforts, little Rupert was put to sleep by the vet today. He agreed with our opinion that the kittens were premature and not fully formed inside. However ginger boy, Dougie is going great guns and we think he will survive. Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes, we are sure they soothed his path.


In August we were asked to assist with a mum and 4 kittens. The family were taken immediately to the vets as they had a significant flea infestation. Sadly, 3 of the kittens had anaemia and didn’t make it. Charlie who is now coming up to 4 weeks of age, required overnight admission with his mum and received a blood transfusion.

Charlie is still with his mum Jasmin, and is also receiving 1:1 care from Carole and Lloyd is foster parents. Time will tell whether any significant brain damage has been caused to Charlie due to being so unwell but for now, we are holding onto the fact that he is eating, putting on weight and enjoying life in his foster home with his mum.

Update: After being spent 2 weeks in Carole and Lloyd’s care he had a check up. We are so happy to announce that he is doing really well, he weighs half a kilo and he is doing everything that a 6 week old kitten should do.


Charcoal was signed over into our care as his owner was unable to care for him anymore. He’s undeniably scared at the moment but we are hoping once he’s been neutered and moved into an indoor foster home that he will relax and we can find him a loving new home.


They had been left in a very small box in someone’s garage in Cranfield. They are approximately 10-11 weeks old and quite skinny so they are off to the vets. We will keep you updated.


Meet our latest admissions, Ivy and her 4 kittens Tommy, Polly, Finn and Arthur. They have been signed over to our care because their owner moved abroad. The kittens are not old enough to be viewed/adopted but please contact us for further information.

We are currently holding a short waiting list for people wanting kittens.

If you would like to register your interest in adopting a kitten or younger cat please contact us ( or 07741 510 799).
We are also interested in potential owners for older cats. All our cats are thoroughly vet checked before being declared fit for homing including senior cats.