Cats In Our Care

These cats are NOT YET AVAILABLE for homing.
However, if one of them steals your heart, then feel free to inform us of your interest.
Say hello to our latest additions to the MK Cat Rescue foster family. We have 7 week old kittens, left to right we have Maggie, Teresa and bottom right is Winston and Churchill.
Maggie, Winston and Churchill are all reserved.
Gizzy was reported to us as a possible stray living in East MK.  Though looking at her front on, she looked perfectly fine her sides and tummy were covered in mats and fleas.  Gizzy was chipped so we contacted her owner.  For some reason, Gizzy had moved out of the family home over a month ago, was living close by under shrubs but had not gone home.
Gizzy’s owner took the sensible, but difficult decision to sign her over to MK Cat Rescue so we could get her the veterinary care that she needed.  Gizzy has been treated for parasites, de-matted and is on pain relief.  She’ll remain in the good hands of Lyn and Barry our fosterers for the time-being.  Luckily for Gizzy, it would seem of the receptionists at the vets has fallen in love with her.  So our 11 year old beauty has found herself a home already and is RESERVED 🙂
Max & Paddy who were signed over as their owner couldn’t keep them any longer. At approx. 3-4 months of age, they are covered in dead fleas and flea dirt and Max (ginger) has mild sniffles they saw a vet yesterday to receive a health check and are on fine form today! Now in the safe hands of Debi & Chris.
Max and Paddy.jpg


Percy came into our care on 6 September 2018 via a local vets.  He has mild cat flu so is receiving lots of cuddles and fuss from Annie whilst he settles into care.




This little ones came into our care with their mum.  All were covered in fleas and required immediate veterinary assistance.  The kittens as of 28.08.2018 are 6 weeks of age and will be ready to be viewed and adopted shortly.
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We are currently holding a short waiting list for people wanting kittens.

If you would like to register your interest in adopting a kitten or younger cat please contact us ( or 07741 510 799).
We are also interested in potential owners for older cats. All our cats are thoroughly vet checked before being declared fit for homing including senior cats.