Cats Needing New Homes (Direct Rehoming)

Direct Rehoming is an introduction service for those who need to rehome a cat quite urgently, without us having space to bring the cat into our care.
We do not accept any responsibility for the cats featured on this page, and cannot guarantee their health, vaccionation, microchip or neuter status. We would advise all potential owners to have the cat checked by a vet and to discuss with the current carer any special requirements the cat may have.
It is up to the current carer to decide whether the potential owner will provide a good home and will properly care for the cat, and for the potential owner to decide that the cat is right for them.
There are no adoption fees for this service, but either party may wish to make a donation, which would be greatly appreciated.
If any of these cats catch your eye, please contact us on and we can put you in touch with their current carer.
Simba is looking for a new home, as sadly his owner is moving and is not allowed to take him.

He is 3 years old, and is a very affectionate boy. He enjoys cuddles, and sleeps on the end of the bed at night. However, he does also enjoy his alone time, and going outside to explore.

Simba is looking for a home without dogs, but could live with another cat. And would be okay with children aged 5 and over.

He is up to date with parasite treatment and vaccinations, and he is also neutered.

If you think you could give Simba a loving home, please contact us at 🦁


Collage of Photos.jpg


Due to a change in the family circumstances, Bella, Lola and Bobs all need to find new homes before end of August so this is rather urgent.  All female, the girls are 5-6 years of age and neutered.  They are predominantly indoor cats, venturing out when its sunny!  And love to be brushed, enjoy playtime and fuss.  Ideally Bella & Lola are to be rehomed together, but ultimately the priority is homes for all.

This beautiful girl is approx 6 years old, and is looking for her forever home, as her owner’s partner has allergies.

Tia is a friendly girl, who enjoys lap cuddles. She is litter trained, but spends time indoors and outdoors, therefore she will need a home with access outdoors. Tia is a quiet girl, she would suit being the only cat in a home with older children.

Tia found her forever home at the start of July 2017.

These two lovely boys are looking for a new home together, their owner is moving and sadly cannot take them.
Both of them are 9 years old, and have been neutered. Biff is the black and white boy, he can be quite nervous with strangers but he does enjoy a fuss once he gets to know you. He is quite independent, so he enjoys human company when he isn’t attending to cat business! He spends most of the day sleeping somewhere cosy indoors, however he does enjoy going in the garden as well.

Bop is a tabby, he is quite a laid back boy and enjoys fuss on his terms. He is also quite independent, but he does enjoy a lap cuddle. He also spends majority of the time indoors, but does like to go out in the back garden.

These lovely boys found their forever at the end of June 2017.









This lovely Bengal girl is looking for a new home through no fault of her own. Unfortunately, Sheba was in our care earlier this year before finding a home, so it’s essential for us now to make sure she finds her forever home.
Sheba is a loving cat when she’s in the house, but turns into quite a hunter outside.

She’s very vocal and will have a conversation with you when she’s in the mood. Sheba is fine with other cats and does try to dominate but play as well. She’s never been nasty to other cats but when she plays, she plays whether or not the other cat wants to.
Sheba looks slender but is solid and very strong, so would be better with someone who knows the Bengal breed and therefore understands her needs.
Sheba is like a little dog in cat clothing, she’s very bright and very funny. She’s slightly nervous of new people, and will run away if she can’t see anyone she knows.
She sleeps in the most unusual places, so most of the time you don’t realise she’s there, until she wakes up and says hi! She wouldn’t be suitable as an indoor cat, as she spends a lot of time outside.
Sheba found her forever home in October 2016.



Puddy is three years old, neutered, vaccinated and chipped. Her owner is having to find her a new home as a new landlord won’t allow pets. Puddy is a little fluff bomb who loves to be brushed and played with. She is a little timid (does a runner when someone knocks on the door) but she loves being stroked and having laptime and will sleep you on your bed at nightime. She is fine with the children and doesn’t mind being picked up and played with.


Mayo is 6-7 years of age and is need of a new home as his owner is moving and cannot take him with him. He is an affectionate cat, happy to have cuddles and fuss. Mayo will be fine to be rehomed with children but would be better as an only cat. Mayo is vaccinated, neutered and chipped.


Topsy & Turvey **REHOMED**
Topsy and Turvey are having to find a new home as their owner is moving and cannot take them with her.


At both 2 years of age they are vaccinated, neutered and chipped.  Both are fine with their owner’s 11 month old granddaughter and neither wander very far away from home.  Topsy is fine once she knows you and Turvey loves a snuggle.

Could you give these two a new home ideally together but if necessary apart if it means they find a new home before the owner has to move?

5 thoughts on “Cats Needing New Homes (Direct Rehoming)

  1. Hello, sadly my beautiful cat died in April this year, I am now very interested in rehoming another cat, can you send me any new cats detail that come through from now please, thank you…


  2. We are a cat-loving family looking to give a pair of kittens a safe and caring home. After recently losing our beloved 17 year old ginger and white short haired cat, we would very much like a brother and sister or two brothers short haired kittens that are grey and white (not tabbies) to take home and love.


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