Cats Needing New Homes (Direct Rehoming)

Direct Rehoming is an introduction service for those who need to rehome a cat quite urgently, without us having space to bring the cat into our care.
We do not accept any responsibility for the cats featured on this page, and cannot guarantee their health, vaccionation, microchip or neuter status. We would advise all potential owners to have the cat checked by a vet and to discuss with the current carer any special requirements the cat may have.
It is up to the current carer to decide whether the potential owner will provide a good home and will properly care for the cat, and for the potential owner to decide that the cat is right for them.
There are no adoption fees for this service, but either party may wish to make a donation, which would be greatly appreciated.
If any of these cats catch your eye, please contact us on 07741 510799 and we can put you in touch with their current carer.
These lovely girls need to find a new home before the beginning of September.  They are sisters and are 2 1/2 years of age, needing to find a home together.

Skye is confident when she has settled into her surroundings! She is playful and loves a moving hand under the duvet or a laser to try and catch.  She loves a cuddle on a daily basis and in the cooler months will snuggle with you and her sister, Willow.

Willow may take longer to come out of her shell, she is timid cat, but once she trusts you she loves to cuddle up on your lap… Willow also likes to wait for you to wake up perched on your shoulder impatiently waiting for her fuss!! She too is playful but can get spooked a little easier than her sister!

Both are outdoor cats, microchipped and neutered, fully up to date with vaccinations.

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