Meet the Team

We are run entirely by volunteers – meet the team behind the cats ❤


Our four trustees are Carole, Chris, Emma and Stewart.

Carole has been fostering cats for over 15 years and has a well established excellent reputation with local vets for providing a high standard of care to cats that are in our care.

Chris is our Chairman and Treasurer, he is also in charge of fundraising.

Emma is in charge of our Social Media and Marketing.

And finally, Stewart is an experienced cat field worker. Providing assistance in the trapping, neutering and return of ferals. And admitting stray cats into our care.

All four of our trustees are out there day and night helping the cats of MK and they aren’t alone. Alongside them are:

Homing Team
Within our homing team are a team of amazing fosterers who look after our cats in care day-in, day-out. Carole, our head fosterer, is also on hand to provide advice and care to the team.

Welfare Team

In charge of welfare are Carole and Debi. Assisting in the reports of lost, stray and unwanted cats within the area. They also provide assistance to owners no longer able to look after their own cats. Working alongside them are a small team of cat field workers, who go out to scan cats for chips, transport to fosterers and vets, and providing advice to the public.

Fundraising Team
Chris arranges our fundraising events. Providing exciting new ways for us to raise money for the charity. We have an amazing team of fundraisers who help us to collect donated items, attend events, bake goodies for sale, and more.

Social Media Team
Emma is on hand to keep our social media and website up to date. Working alongside her are a small group of admin volunteers, who help to respond to public enquiries throughout our platforms. As well as Imogen who keeps our activity up to date on Twitter and Instagram.

Want to join us?
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