Happy Endings – 2020

The cats below are those that we have helped in our community, often strays or cats who find themselves in the wrong home environment. Here at MK Cat Rescue we are 100% about the cats, giving them a second chance. 

Kip – Male – Aged 8

Our lovely Kip don’t let his grumpy face deceive you. He like to have a fuss but on his terms. He needed to be neutered, vaccinated and chipped. He went off to his forever home towards the end of October.

Ross 2 years old male

Lovely Ross was found abandoned in a carrier in amongst a pile of dumped rubbish. He was a little shy but was very friendly. He went off to his forever home mid October.

Ebony – Female – Age 7

Sadly her owners could no longer keep her. She is settled in well with her fosterer and it wasn’t long before she was adopted and went off to her forever home.


We had been caring for 4 kittens who had been handed into a local vets. They were all gorgeous and have gone off to their new families today.

Shandy and Wobbles

This is mother Shandy aged 13 and daughter Wobbles aged 11, who came into our care with 2 other cats after their owner had passed away. They were absolutely gorgeous girls, liked lots of fuss and attention. Would come and sit on your lap while home working enjoyed a play and a cat tower. They also loved to snuggle on a warm bed at night. They have gone to live with their lovely new family in Tring.

Mork and Mindy

They went to their forever home on Monday


Came into our care as a stray and spent 2 weeks with one of our fosters, enjoying strokes and a fuss. Harry now has a lovely new forever home and is being spoilt rotten and has a lovely warm home of his own now.


Millie is the white and black cat in the front. When she came into our care, her fosterer had to be very patient to gain Millie’s trust. She spent a lot of time hiding and didn’t want a stroke, she wasn’t trusting of humans. Our foster did an amazing job gaining her trust and Millie went off to live with Guy and his ginger cat. Millie now has a human and cat best friend and loves her new life.

Nala – Famale

Nala came into our care with a new fosterer and was such a little sweetheart, she completely one over the heart of her foster family and ended up being adopted by them. We know you will be loved very much Nala.

Lulu’s three kittens Libby (now Nala), Rosie and Leo ( now Frank )

These three kittens were born in a shed at the bottom of a lovely couples garden. They contacted MK Cat Rescue for help and drove them to us from Luton. One of our fosters setup an indoor pen in her home to care for them.

A lovely lady came to view Libby now called Nala and brought along her best friend who adopted Rosie.

Our sweet baby boy Leo now named Frank was adopted later on in the week by a lady who also adopted another kitten from a different litter who Foster Carol was looking after.

Mum Lulu who was only 12-18 months old herself, then had her chance to be a kitten again as she was adopted by a lovely lady who fell in love immediately.



Our lovely Ash came into our care March 2020, just before lockdown. A lovely person had been feeding him and gained a little trust as Ash was very scared of humans, so we knew that it may take some time for him to come around but our fosterers were prepared for it.

Ash needed to be checked for Felv and

Fiv, neutering, health check and have dental treatment but this was delayed due to the COVID19 lockdown. So Ash was with his foster family for a few weeks before we could get him an appointment. Ash did test positive for Fiv, which means he has to be an indoor cat without access to other cats.

His foster family were great with him, very patient and during the lockdown months, he learnt to trust humans and started to show signs of wanting to be fussed for a short period of time and after some time he loved a fuss enjoyed being brushed.

He had to have some dental treatment before finding his forever home and finally got an appointment to have 3 teeth removed.

Ash was a lucky boy to be adopted by a lovely couple who fell in love with him straightaway. We have since had contact from Ash’s new parents, saying he is absolutely lovely and enjoys looking out of the window and obviously still enjoys his fuss. This is a great success story for Ash. It may have taken our fosters 3 months to turn gorgeous Ash around to trust again, but he went from an untrusting stray cat to now living safely indoors with a lovely family and enjoying a big fuss and love.


Candy came back into our care on 20th July 2020 after she fell out with her brother at her new forever home. They had lived together for 4 years but once she had been neutered, she no longer wanted to share her new home with him and bullied him outside.

She’s a gorgeous little girl, loves a stroke and being groomed, she wasn’t keen on being picked up but would come and lay by your side for a cuddle. While with her fosterer she enjoyed peace and quiet, she wasn’t interested in playing but loved having human company and being stroked on her terms, her fosterer fell in love with her very quickly. So Candy went off to live in a one adult house, with a lady who is always home, so Candy can have as much company and strokes as she would like.


Rita came into our care 10th July 2020, 1 year old neutered female. She came from a loving home but Rita liked to bring home little presents on a daily basis and would bring them in through the cat flap.

Rita is a playful, energetic but very sweet little girl, she loves to play and is very good at catching feathers on sticks. She was re-homed with a lovely little family with a 5 year old daughter, who was absolutely smitten with Rita. They were completely happy with any gifts they may receive in the future, no plans for a cat flap, so presents can stay outside. Rita will enjoy being able to get back out doors once she has fully settled in with her new family.


Wonderful Buzz came into our care having lived as a stray. He needed a dental and some other veterinary treatment. Once Buzz received the all clear, he went to his forever home at the start of July.


Beautiful Oreo came into our care after being signed over by his owner. He was in great condition and had clearly been very loved. Oreo found his amazing family and was adopted in June.


Gorgeous Walter came into our care back in April. He went to his new home under temporary foster and they decided to officially adopt him in June.


Our boys Simon and Alvin came into care as older kittens, who had had no human contact. They never came round to the idea of being socialised with humans. So we found them a lovely stable yard, where they can spend their days roaming around and enjoying humans from a distance.


Lovely Tache had been living as a stray before coming into care. Once she had been vet checked, Tache was reserved and went to her forever home in June.


Gorgeous Moggy came into our care having lived as a stray. Being such a lovebug, once he was neutered and given a good bill of health, no wonder he was snapped up quickly. He went to his forever home in June.

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Lovely Lily May came into our care a few months ago, having been signed over by her owners. Lily enjoyed lockdown with fosterers, John and Trish. Who decided to officially adopt her in June 2020.


The lovely Nuala came into our care at the end of May, after her owners circumstances sadly changed and they could no longer keep her. Luckily, her fosterer Elsie fell completely in love with her and she officially adopted her in June.

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This lovely lad came into our care recently having lived as a stray. He was vet checked and neutered before going to his forever home in June.


Beautiful Bandi came into our care after being signed over by her owner. She quickly had a new home lined up and was adopted in June 2020.


Lola came into our care after her owner was moving abroad. Being such a gorgeous girl, she’s been snapped up quickly and went to her new home at the start of June.


Lovely Nelly came into our care with her two kittens just over a month ago. Her kittens were rehomed just before lockdown. Luckily, Nelly also had a wonderful home lined up but just needed to be spayed. This was done at the end of May and she was adopted by her new owner.


Pictured on the Left. This lovely little boy managed to find his forever home with a new family.


Angel came into our care having been found as a stray in Milton Keynes. He was only 7 months old. Angel, now Walter, went to his forever home at the end of May.


Lord Twig came back into our care last month after his owner sadly passed away. He is 6 years old and such a sweetheart. He went to his forever home in Peterborough in May.


Hugo came into our care in May 2020. It’s no surprise he was snapped up straight away, and has gone to his new home during lockdown to settle in with his new family.

OBIE AND JAX (now known as Jet and Ash)

These beauties came into our care after their owner could no longer look after them. They both went to loving forever homes.


Paddy came into our care a few weeks ago, having been living as a unneutered stray. After neutering, Paddy didn’t show any signs of coming round and he was located to a lovely small holding nearby.


These lovely girls were signed over by their owner in February. We were so pleased when they found a forever home together in March 2020.


Amber came into our care in January having been signed over by her owner. She went to her forever home a few weeks later.

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Mabel was signed over into our care at the end of last year. Our sweet and loving girl was adopted by her forever home in January.


Brave came back into our care last year, after her owners circumstances sadly changed. Luckily, her stay wasn’t very long as she was snapped up by her perfect owners and adopted in January.


Kitty was signed over into our care last year. She waited for a little while in our care before her purrrfect owner came along and gave her a forever home. Kitty was officially adopted in February.


Freddy came into our care in December, having been signed over by his owner. It’s no surprise that this lovely lad was snapped up super quick and he was adopted in the New Year.


Percy came into our care in December after being found as a stray. With his sweet and loving nature, Percy found his forever home in no time and was adopted in the New Year.


Lovely Ben came into our care, having lived as a stray. Ben soon settled into foster care and was adopted at the start of March 2020.


Cleo came into our care in January. She was such a sweetheart and it came as no surprise that she was adopted in February 2020.


Gorgeous Phoebe came back into our care after her owners circumstances sadly changed. She went to her forever home just a few weeks later.


Gorgeous Jess came into our care in January having lived as a stray. Jess required a lot of veterinary care but powered through. Jess went to her new home in April.