Happy Endings – 2019

The cats below are those that we have helped in our community, often strays or cats who find themselves in the wrong home environment.  Here at MK Cat Rescue we are 100% about the cats, giving them a second chance.  Enjoy reading their stories x


They were probably the most challenging of rescues of 2018 for Stewart. Originally reported close to an industrial unit in Bletchley but mum kept moving the kittens and for several weeks one kitten would be spotted with mum, then nothing. Stewart eventually discovered mum was being fed elsewhere and within a week he’d successfully trapped mum and her four kittens. They were scared but far from feral. Later they were moved to an indoor foster to help socialise them. Two of them, Roland and Eddie were rehomed in the middle of January 2019.




Sid was signed over to MK Cat Rescue in late December with his siblings. Reaching maturity he was soon neutered and due to rather relaxed nature rehomed.