Happy Endings – 2019

The cats below are those that we have helped in our community, often strays or cats who find themselves in the wrong home environment.  Here at MK Cat Rescue we are 100% about the cats, giving them a second chance.  Enjoy reading their stories x


Moomin was signed over into our care after her living arrangements changed. She was quickly snapped up and rehomed in December.


She was a 7-month-old super sweet, fluffy girl from the first litter of a previous foster cat, Ivy. Charlie was signed over into our care because their owner moved abroad. In our care she was neutered and she really found her playful inner kitten. She found a lovely family with a kitten and 3 very excited children in early December.


He was 7 years old and signed over into our care because his owner’s circumstances sadly had changed. He had 3 teeth removed and quickly found a loving home in early December.


Genie was found wandering the back gardens by a pensioner who fell in love with this beautiful girl. The lady left her shed open for her and there she slept throughout the summer. With the coming of the colder weather, Genie was trying to get indoors but as the couple had severe mobility problems this was an issue as she could easily cause a fall. The decision was taken to re-home her, and we are pleased to say a wonderful home was found in late November.


Marlow was signed over to our care because of neighbourhood circumstances and the owner had to make the hard decision and choose what the best is for her cat. Marlow settled in quickly, was vet checked and found a lovely forever home in late November.


These 4 weeks old ladies came into our care after they had been abandoned by their mother in a barn on a farm. Their brother unfortunately went blind and suffered major seizures and on the vets advice was put to sleep. The mum was not a farm cat and they had not seen her before she came to have her kittens in the barn. In our care the 3 sisters grew into bouncy, fun loving kittens. They found loving homes in mid-November.


Ollie was handed over by his owner because the family’s circumstances had changed. In our care after settling down he was neutered, chipped and vaccinated. Ollie was a big boy, who didn’t have an ounce of malice in him but did growl when happy. We were not surprised that he found his loving forever home right after he was advertised.


Their mum, Bell was found at the vets in Bedford, heavily pregnant, and in our care she delivered these 6 beautiful furballs. After raising the litter Bell was neutered and they were all rehomed in early November.


Libby was found in a garden between a shed and a wall with five kittens. Unfortunately one had passed away before we arrived. They were immediately vet checked, and armed with new born kitten formula were rushed into Carole’s capable arms. Sadly, despite our best efforts we have lost 3 of the kittens, as they were premature. However, the ginger boy, Dougie was fed by the mum and he turned into a beautiful and strong kitten. He learned how to use the litter tray and became a proper little gentleman. Libby has been neutered and was adopted with her little one by the family who had found them in their garden.


Ivy and Tommy, Polly, Finn & Arthur were signed over into our care because their owner moved abroad. Ivy, the soft, sweet girl and wonderfully caring mum was neutered after raising the litter and was adopted by a lovely family who will spoil her rotten. Tommy & Polly stay together and will be great fun for their new owners, and Arthur & Finn were also lucky to find a purrfect home in late October.


Charcoal was signed over into our care as his owner was unable to care for him anymore. He was undeniably scared at first but after neutering him we moved him to an indoor foster home, he settled in and responded well to fuss and was getting used to the gentler approach. He found a purrfect home in October.


She was admitted into our care as a pregnant cat, and as she had complications, she had to have a c-section and the kittens sadly didn’t make it. In our care she was neutered and took medication and made a full recovery. She found her loving forever home in October.


They had been left in a very small box in someone’s garage in Cranfield. They were approximately 10-11 weeks old and quite skinny when they were admitted into our care. They found a loving home in October.


Poppy was a stray in Buckingham, she had been around a lovely lady’s garden for about 6 months, but unfortunately she didn’t like the other cat in the house. In our care she was vet checked and she was adopted in mid-October by a lovely couple, she will be spoilt rotten in her new home.


She came into our care just having given birth to 4 kittens. Unfortunately 1 kitten was already dead when we arrived and 2 more died overnight. The surviving kitten received a blood transfusion and managed to survive. They were all being eaten alive by fleas, so Jasmine had some drastic flea control and made a great recovery. With her kitten being rehomed, she was neutered and soon found a home with a wonderful family.


AJ was admitted into our care because her owner was moving and couldn’t take her with her. She had already had a litter of kittens and she was not even a year old. We renamed her Bessie, she was such a sweet cat with a very loving nature. She was spayed whilst in our care and we were not suprised that she found her forever home quickly in late September.


Snoobs was left at one of our fosterer’s doorstep in a cardboard box and had a really bad ear infection which took quite a time to clear up. In our care he became very friendly and absolutely loved attention. At approximately 5-6 months of age he was advertised for rehoming and found his furever home very quickly.


George was adopted from us back in 2018 and had gone to a loving home with a couple. In August we received a call to say that his primary owner was receiving palliative care and the family were struggling to cope. George was admitted back into our care and received immediate veterinary treatment for a severe flea infestation and required further dental treatment. He responded very well to his treatment and found a loving home quickly.


Susie, this approximately 2 year old little girl, was admitted into our care at the end of May. She was being bullied by the other cats in her home, causing her to overgroom, and the owner decided she needed a quieter family home. She found her purrfect home in early September.


Our little black Panther, Skinny was handed into MK Vet Group by a member of the public. As he was not chipped, and nobody responded to his loss, the vets neutered him and asked us to rehome him. He became an absolute love bug, who loved to play and cuddle. Not surprisingly he soon found a new family and was adopted in early September.


On admission Archie had a limp and an abscess under his chin… he was a tad unhappy in a pen but once neutered and brought into an indoor foster home he soon started to settle. We are delighted that Archie has found a perfect home in late August and we wish him every happiness in his new home.


She was just over a year old, very friendly and loved attention. After raising her little ones she was neutered and found a loving home to call her own in late August.


Danny and Pixie were two of Cocoa’s kittens. From the beginning they played together and were always found cuddling up!! We decided that their bond was so strong, that they should be homed together. They both have the loudest purrs and we are sure they will provide hours of entertainment for their new family, who have renamed them Jake and Amy.


Isla was approximately 18 months-2 years old, and a very friendly, adorable and well-adjusted cat who loved playing and curling up on your lap. She found her forever home in mid-August.


This 1-year-old, very affectionate, beautiful girl loved a fuss and sitting with you on the sofa as she was not keen on being picked up. She found her purrfect home in August.


Having been handed into a vet as a stray, Star faced the prospect of being put to sleep if no foster space was available. Thankfully we were able to step in 😀

At approximately 12 years of age, this older and slightly deaf lady was admitted into our care having had a major dental. Star soon settled in to foster and became a very friendly and affectionate cat. After being advertised for rehoming she quickly found her purrfect home.


Andre at 13 weeks of age was a shy little boy, but once you gained his confidence, he loved a cuddle. He was looking for a quieter home with a mature couple or family with older children and was happy to find it in August.


Jessie, one of Cocoa’s little ones was the biggest belly rub lover, she found her furever home in early August.


Cocoa came into our care with four kittens. She was a little nervous when meeting people for the first time but later became incredibly friendly and a real lap cat. When she finished caring for her little ones she was neutered and searched for a home where she could be the only cat. She has found her purrfect home in early August.


Beautiful Charlotte was approximately 2 years of age, very friendly and loved attention and playing. Having raised her kittens she was neutered and was searching for a loving home where she could be the part of the family. She found her furever home in late July.


Thor (boy, top left), Harley (girl, top right), Drax (boy, bottom left) and Rouge (girl, bottom right), 4 beautiful brothers were rehomed in July.


On 19 April 2019, Mowgli was admitted into foster along with his two sisters, Isla and Nala. Their owner’s personal circumstances had changed and needed to find loving homes for all three. Isla and Nala were quickly rehomed but Mowgli had been living in the back garden, refusing to be handled and his owner firmly believed he was feral.

On admission it quickly became apparent that Mowgli wasn’t feral, he was scared and clearly something had happened to this lad but there wasn’t an ounce of aggression in him. He simply needed to learn to trust again. We took the decision to move Mowgli into a cat pen, a smaller space where he couldn’t hide. He had lots of fuss and cuddles, he learned how to play with his toys and really found his inner kitten whilst in Lyn’s care. As he still was scared of sudden noises or movement we thought he needed a nice and quiet home which he found in early July.


Bell was found very scared and running across a very busy road in MK, she was successfully caught and admitted into foster where she received treatment for mastitis and parasites. Sadly, due to the location where she was found it was impossible for us to be able to search for any kittens but we suspect due to Belle being underweight and so unwell that she had already weaned her litter and was moving on to find a new mate when she got herself in danger on a main road.

This beautiful girl has now been neutered and successfully rehomed.


Boo Boos was part of a trapping exercise that Annie and Claire completed back in April 2019 up in Wolverton. At 4 months of age, its taken time for this little one to settle, but settle he has and having been neutered has found himself a loving new home to call his own…no more living on an industrial estate for this little one 😊


This lad was successfully trapped in Greenleys in early June having been widely advertised as a found cat. Sadly, no one claimed Jack as their cat so we had him neutered and were allowing him time to settle into foster. He was quite shy and finally we decided to relocate him to a farm.


Lovely Hugo was trapped in Bletchley, on admission had a wound to his leg that required treatment with antibiotics and pain relief. He was neutered whilst in our care, but wasn’t particularly keen on us so he was relocated to a place where he could be as far away from people as he chose – bless him.


This beautiful, approximately 3-year-old girl was admitted for her own safety into our care following reports that she had been abandoned and mistreated whilst living on the streets. Our beautiful Dana wanted a home where she had company most of the time and we were delighted when Dana was adopted in mid June and found her perfect home.


Hammy had been living in some shrubs close to a healthcare centre in Westcroft. We made contact with his owner (he was chipped and neutered) but sadly it was felt it was better that he was found a loving new home as he kept wandering off, unhappy it seemed with the other cats in the house. After being vet checked he found a loving new home in late May.



Sometimes it takes a very brave owner to accept that you can’t give your cat what they need. Vera’s owner’s personal circumstances had changed significantly meaning she needed to reduce the number of cats that she owned. After settling in to foster Vera was vet checked and found a loving new home in late May.




Over the Christmas break, back in 2018 we received a report of a cat living in a temporary cat shelter. He was not chipped, and as there was no sign of him leaving the garden, we took the decision to admit him into foster on 1 January 2019. He had a dental and was diagnosed with a mild arthritis.
14-year-old Tin Tin is a sweet boy who adores his head being scratched and loved cuddles. He stole everyone’s heart, and all of us were very happy when he found his forever home in mid-May.



We posted Nelson up as a stray cat in early February, he had turned up a few months previously and was living in a wendy house in a lady’s back garden. He was admitted into foster on 28 February 2019. A vet check confirmed that his eye injury was old and required no further treatment, but our Nelson was rather overweight despite being a stray so he needed to lose some weight before he was neutered. In our care Nelson became pretty much a big love bug. He found his forever home in May.



Isla (left) and Nala (right) were originally born in our care. Sadly, their owner’s circumstances changed when they were 18 months old, so they came back to us to find a loving home. Having been in foster and assessed, it wasn’t essential that they remain together, they were rehomed separately.

Isla and Nala (1)


Minstrel had been a well-known stray in the area for around 2 years and having admitted into foster it was clear he had some trust issues and he was rather possessive of his food. Once neutered and settled into a foster, his fosterer worked with him slowly to provide assurance that he would have regular source of food and soon he stopped and learnt he could relax as actually everything was ok. He had everything that he needed – accept a home to call his own…well in May 2019 that all changed and here is Minstrel settling in rather well – their patience and giving him time to settle has paid off! Just look at him now!


Tess was admitted into our care on 3 March 2019 and was seen immediately by a vet with a diagnosis of a prolapsed bowel requiring pain relief. We monitored her closely until her stitches were removed and was able to do her business with no discomfort.
Tess at 3 years of age adored being brushed and was considered a little bit of a princess. We were not surprised that she found her loving forever home right after being advertised. We wish her and her new owners every happiness for the future.



Shadow (left) and Hunter (right) were born in our care, we found their mum heavily pregnant living on the streets. Now renamed Bubbles and Ziggy, these boys are lucky and found a loving home and as you can see have settled in very well.

Shadow and Hunter


Leo was handed into our care in February as his owner’s circumstances had changed. At 4 years of age Leo was a very friendly and loving boy who settled well into foster and was neutered whilst in our care. He was adopted by a lovely lady in April, after the Easter Weekend. A couple of days later we received this photo of him in his new home.



Back in November 2018 we successfully trapped a young male in Galley Hill. He wasn’t neutered or chipped and had no idea how to use a litter tray. A vet visit confirmed an eye infection, flea infestation and he required teeth extraction, a bland diet (having lived off left over takeaway meals for months) and had a skin infection. The skin infection has been one of the biggest challenges for us over the last few months, requiring regular steroid injections and ensuring he had a stress-free life as possible. The skin condition is likely to be an on-going medical condition, which MK Cat Rescue will continue to pay for following his adoption. Yes, we are delighted that having been fostered by Angela and her family that they’ve taken the decision to adopt him. We know that Jingles is very happy in the family home and has fallen well and truly on his paws.
Photos: Jingles as a stray [top left], 2 months in foster [bottom left], Jingles now [right].



This lovely 4-year-old little girl found a perfect home with no other animals soon after she was advertised in April.



Badger, this approximately 2-year-old little lad was admitted into our care having turned up before Christmas as a stray in Buckingham. In our care he became the biggest love bug in the entire world and welcomed everyone into his pen with open paws and a big purr.



Our approximately 6-year-old all black cat was admitted into our care with no teeth. He often stuck his tongue out which we found quite endearing, and this didn’t stop him enjoying his food. He was vet checked and found in very good health, so he was adopted in late March.


This beautiful 10-year-old lad was admitted in Midsummer Veterinary Group as a stray, he required treatment for fleas, had a dental and settled into their care until we were able to offer a foster space in late October, 2018. He received a full dental in our care, and became a very friendly boy. He enjoyed lots of fuss and was happy to play with Scruff, his fosterer’s dog. He found his furever home in March.


This beautiful 4-year-old lad was reported to us back in late 2018 as an entire male who had been visiting a family for food most evenings and over a few months they gained his trust just enough to be able to touch his head. We managed to admit Ben into foster in mid-January. Following admission and having been neutered, Ben started to settle but was still very nervous, so we moved him into an indoor foster space where Virginia was able to spend time with him and gain his trust. Ben went from hiding under the bed to being comfortable with Virginia within a few days and so we took the decision to advertise him for rehoming. We are delighted that Ben has now been adopted and found his forever home in mid-March.



Rosalie (left) and Remy (right), the two wonderful 7-year-old torties were signed over because their owner’s personal circumstances had changed. They were given time to settle into foster and were vet checked, and their history made us think if they needed a home together or separately. As they got on well, they were rehomed together in late February.



Our rather affectionate and complex Bruno had been a stray cat for over 2 years before we admitted him into foster in mid November, 2018. We neutered him and he had a major dental. He had trust issues, and he didn’t like feet, so we had to work very hard to gain his confidence. Finally Bruno became a very amazing lad, he was full of love and wiggled his half tail. After being adopted towards the end of February 2019, he fell asleep on the sofa in his new home with pure contentment on his face.




Having been admitted with their siblings and mum in late September/early October it has been quite a journey with neutering and relocating their feral mum to Debi and Chris tirelessly committing themselves to socialising the kittens. These two lads are two very lucky boys to have been with such a wonderful foster family and we wish them every happiness in their new home.

jet and rocket 2


Lovely Billy was approximately 6 months of age when he was signed over by his owner in January. This delightful little boy was neutered and passed his health-check quickly, so he found a lovely new family in the middle of February.



Loufie was 2 years of age and was sold on Gumtree as a Bengal-type. There has been some discussion both within the team and with others with more experience with pedigrees that he matches more a Savannah-type. We are delighted to announce that our Loufie has been adopted to a lovely lady in High Wycombe. We wish him every happiness in his new home.



Abernathy was brought into foster on 19 December 2018, having been found as a stray in the summer in North MK. Over the summer a concerned member of the public started to gain his trust by feeding him and his fur slowly started to grow back. Abernathy wasn’t chipped or neutered and was a little feisty. After being neutered he spent several weeks in foster, and it became very clear that our lad was not wanting the company of us so we found him a fabulous stable yard where he has the company of horses, woodland and enough space to do what he wants.


Willow came into our care following a call for help from her concerned owners. At 3 years of age a change of circumstances meant she had moved out of her home. Whilst the decision was very difficult for her family, she was admitted into foster. After the health-check she was adopted to a lovely home by the end of January.


Jerry, an approximately 3 year-old boy was admitted into foster in January, having been living in a cat shelter in someone’s front garden in North MK for several months. Not chipped or neutered, we received information from the community that his owner had passed away, leaving him alone. Thankfully he found a lovely lady who took him under her wing. Jerry was neutered and became a very loving, friendly boy. He was adopted by a lovely family towards the end of January, and settled very quickly in his new home.



They were probably the most challenging of rescues of 2018 for Stewart. Originally reported close to an industrial unit in Bletchley but mum kept moving the kittens and for several weeks one kitten would be spotted with mum, then nothing. Stewart eventually discovered mum was being fed elsewhere and within a week he’d successfully trapped mum and her four kittens. They were scared but far from feral. Later they were moved to an indoor foster to help socialise them. Two of them, Roland and Eddie were rehomed in the middle of January 2019.


Sid was signed over to MK Cat Rescue in late December with his siblings. Reaching maturity he was soon neutered and due to rather relaxed nature rehomed.