Happy Endings – 2019

The cats below are those that we have helped in our community, often strays or cats who find themselves in the wrong home environment.  Here at MK Cat Rescue we are 100% about the cats, giving them a second chance.  Enjoy reading their stories x



This beautiful 10-year-old lad was admitted in Midsummer Veterinary Group as a stray, he required treatment for fleas, had a dental and settled into their care until we were able to offer a foster space in late October, 2018. He received a full dental in our care, and became a very friendly boy. He enjoyed lots of fuss and was happy to play with Scruff, his fosterer’s dog. He found his furever home in March.


This beautiful 4-year-old lad was reported to us back in late 2018 as an entire male who had been visiting a family for food most evenings and over a few months they gained his trust just enough to be able to touch his head. We managed to admit Ben into foster in mid-January. Following admission and having been neutered, Ben started to settle but was still very nervous, so we moved him into an indoor foster space where Virginia was able to spend time with me and gain his trust. Ben went from hiding under the bed to being comfortable with Virginia within a few days and so we took the decision to advertise him for rehoming. We are delighted that Ben has now been adopted and found his forever home in mid-March.




Rosalie (left) and Remy (right), the two wonderful 7-year-old torties were signed over because their owner’s personal circumstances had changed. They were given time to settle into foster and were vet checked, and their history made us think if they needed a home together or separately. As they got on well, they were rehomed together in late February.



Our rather affectionate and complex Bruno had been a stray cat for over 2 years before we admitted him into foster in mid November, 2018. We neutered him and he had a major dental. He had trust issues, and he didn’t like feet, so we had to work very hard to gain his confidence. Finally Bruno became a very amazing lad, he was full of love and wiggled his half tail. After being adopted towards the end of February 2019, he fell asleep on the sofa in his new home with pure contentment on his face.




Having been admitted with their siblings and mum in late September/early October it has been quite a journey with neutering and relocating their feral mum to Debi and Chris tirelessly committing themselves to socialising the kittens. These two lads are two very lucky boys to have been with such a wonderful foster family and we wish them every happiness in their new home.


jet and rocket 2


Lovely Billy was approximately 6 months of age when he was signed over by his owner in January. This delightful little boy was neutered and passed his health-check quickly, so he found a lovely new family in the middle of February.



Loufie was 2 years of age and was sold on Gumtree as a Bengal-type. There has been some discussion both within the team and with others with more experience with pedigrees that he matches more a Savannah-type. We are delighted to announce that our Loufie has been adopted to a lovely lady in High Wycombe. We wish him every happiness in his new home.



Abernathy was brought into foster on 19 December 2018, having been found as a stray in the summer in North MK. Over the summer a concerned member of the public started to gain his trust by feeding him and his fur slowly started to grow back. Abernathy wasn’t chipped or neutered and was a little feisty. After being neutered he spent several weeks in foster, and it became very clear that our lad was not wanting the company of us so we found him a fabulous stable yard where he has the company of horses, woodland and enough space to do what he wants.


Willow came into our care following a call for help from her concerned owners. At 3 years of age a change of circumstances meant she had moved out of her home. Whilst the decision was very difficult for her family, she was admitted into foster. After the health-check she was adopted to a lovely home by the end of January.


Jerry, an approximately 3 year-old boy was admitted into foster in January, having been living in a cat shelter in someone’s front garden in North MK for several months. Not chipped or neutered, we received information from the community that his owner had passed away, leaving him alone. Thankfully he found a lovely lady who took him under her wing. Jerry was neutered and became a very loving, friendly boy. He was adopted by a lovely family towards the end of January, and settled very quickly in his new home.




They were probably the most challenging of rescues of 2018 for Stewart. Originally reported close to an industrial unit in Bletchley but mum kept moving the kittens and for several weeks one kitten would be spotted with mum, then nothing. Stewart eventually discovered mum was being fed elsewhere and within a week he’d successfully trapped mum and her four kittens. They were scared but far from feral. Later they were moved to an indoor foster to help socialise them. Two of them, Roland and Eddie were rehomed in the middle of January 2019.




Sid was signed over to MK Cat Rescue in late December with his siblings. Reaching maturity he was soon neutered and due to rather relaxed nature rehomed.