Happy Endings – 2018


Holly came into our care a few weeks ago, after she was taken to Milton Keynes Veterinary Group. She is an older lady, who was not chipped.

Holly settled well into foster care, and received lots of love and TLC. We are pleased to say that Holly’s forever home was not far away, and she was officially adopted this week.





Hunter came into our care just before Christmas, as he was sadly about to be made homeless.

He settled into foster care really well, and absolutely loved to run around and cause some mischief! Once up for rehoming, we had a lot of interest in him, luckily in amongst those was his ideal home.

Hunter went to his forever home in January.






Gorgeous Trudy came into our care, after her owner could no longer keep her due to allergies.

She was only 14 weeks old, and such a loveable little lady. Her fosterer absolutely fell in love with her and her cheeky personality, and she was officially adopted by them this week.

Now renamed Dolly, she has fitted in really well into their home and we get a lot of updates on how she is doing.






Our gorgeous dynamic duo Bungle and Zippy went to their forever home at the weekend.

They came into our care after being reported to us as two unneutered strays. Once in care, they were neutered and received lots of love. At only 8 months old approx, they were ready for their second chance in life.

Luckily, their new home was meant to be. We are really glad they will get to enjoy the rest of their lives together, in a loving home.



Einstein came into our care after being found as a stray.

Although he wasn’t chipped, he was neutered. He is approx 10 years old, and settled into foster care really well. Such a loveable lad, who just needed some TLC as he was in a bad condition when he first came to us.

We were really pleased when Einstein met his perfect new owners in December 2017, and was officially adopted in January of this year. Good luck in your forever home lovely boy x






Lovely Mia came into our care with kittens in the summer. She was so protective of her little ones that it took a very long time for her to trust anyone.

Only Mia knows what she went through whilst surviving on the streets but once her kittens were rehomed….her amazing fosterer spent a lot of time with her and Mia just grew in confidence!

Mia got a lovely Christmas present this year. When her fosterer announced that she was the perfect addition to their home, and they had decided to officially adopt her. We can’t tell you how delighted we all were to hear the news and we know secretly its what Mia has wanted for a long time x

We can’t wait for further updates on Mia in her forever home.






Smudge had been living as a stray before he was reported to us. He was an entire tom, who had been living a tough life, and had a nasty skin irritation.

Once in care, he was neutered and received veterinary treatment for his skin irritation, it was also confirmed he had a heart murmur.

It took time, but Smudge started to really blossom and show off his wonderful personality. He had sadly forgotten how it felt to be able to trust people, and it would take him a little while before he was comfortable with you.

We were so pleased when Smudge met his purrrfect owners, who knew exactly the type of home he needed. We can’t wait to see how he gets on in his forever home.





Our lovely boy Wally went to his forever home this week. Having been admitted into our care at just 8 weeks old, it’s safe to say he was less than impressed at being trapped!

He was extremely frightened to begin with, and struggled adapting to being around people. But once his sister Polly was adopted, he began to flourish and realise that cuddles weren’t so bad after all. Shortly after, Wally was moved to a new fosterer, somewhere with a bit more space and freedom to roam around. He really began to develop a loving and cheeky personality.

We were so pleased when Wally found his forever home, and can’t wait to hear how he gets on. Massive thank you to his two fosterer’s Angela and Victoria, for their continued patience and efforts to bring Wally round, it definitely paid off!