Gone But Not Forgotten

This page is dedicated to any of our beautiful kitties, who sadly did not leave our care, and made their trip over the Rainbow Bridge.



This lovely lady came into our care in mid June, after her owners had taken her to the vets to be pts. However, we knew there was a slight chance that she could still recover, despite the fact she was severely underweight and in a terrible condition.19748597_1757531087609926_8705518590247164008_n

Luckily our angel, Angela, agreed to take Queenie on and provide a loving home for her in her final few weeks. Sadly, despite making amazing progress, Queenie suddenly deteriorated and made her trip over the Rainbow Bridge on 8th July 2017.

RIP wonderful lady, you will be dearly missed xxx


This beautiful boy came into our care as he was struggling to adapt following a house move and a new addition to the family.

He was over 10 years of age and had the sweetest temperament.  Dennis was vet checked on admission and discovered to have multiple issues, he was deaf, suffered from hyperthroydism and needed to put on weight so we can could get teeth removed.
Sadly whilst in our care, Dennis deteriorated over the weekend of 1 April 2017.
RIP our beautiful boy x



This sweet girl came into care in December 2016, she was absolutely tiny and was in a really bad state.
Little Mae was incredibly loving, and touched the hearts of our volunteers and her fosterer. Sadly, she decided it was her time to leave this world and passed away in our care in January this year.
RIP our sweet girl xx
Pilchard had been living in a lady’s back garden for most of the summer and i
n the interim had clearly deteriorated as you can see by the condition of the fur in this picture.  Pilchard was described to us as completely deaf, partially sighted and no one could get close enough to help.
Luckily, Pilchard was brought into foster care and we were hoping she would make a full recovery. However, following a visit to the vets, we came to the very tough decision for her to be put to sleep. Sadly, Pilchard was in a lot of pain and this was not a

easy or quick decision.

Rest peacefully beautiful girl xxx