Kitten Jaws – 11 to 12 weeks old

Kitten Jaws was taken into our care 3 days ago. He/she is a feral kitten being cared for by fosterer Emily. We think Jaws is 11-12 weeks old, not very trusting of humans or being touched at the moment. Day 1 Jaws didn’t want to leave the pet carrier, so was allowed to stay safe and sound in there. Jaws hasn’t yet let us check to see if a boy or girl.
Jaws did eventually venture out for some food later that evening.

Day 3 being confident enough to leave the carrier and even have a little meow with Emily’s cat Winston.

Friday Jaws has had a little play with a mouse on a string with Emily but still no strokes, not su much hissing today.
Keep checking in for updates, we will keep you updated of progress.

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