5 years of MK Cat Rescue

Today we are celebrating 5 wonderful years of MK Cat Rescue! ❤️

MK Cat Rescue was launched in May 2015. By people who had volunteered in cat welfare for other cat charities but wanted to set up a local cat charity, one where cats always came first, and would be community based.

The charity during this time has flourished and we are incredibly proud to have rehomed nearly 600 cats and kittens. From entire toms, to cats in need of a new home. Pregnant females to feral colonies. Emergency cases to elderly cats in need. We’ve seen it all. Thanks to the amazing first hand care of our welfare team and fosterers, who provide around the clock support and love to the cats in our care.

Alongside our four trustees, we now have over 40 volunteers who assist in a variety of roles within the charity to help the cats of MK.

And of course, without the support of all of you MK Cat Rescue could not be what it is today. All your countless donations, shares, positive messages during hard times, adoptions, the list is endless.

Thank you to everyone for being a part of something beautiful, and allowing us to continuing the work we do and love. ❤️💞🥰

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