Our 3 Chipmunks

12th of December

About a week ago Alvin, who was the fiercest of the kittens, suddenly became very docile and he was rushed to the vets who discovered a blockage in his bowel. He seemed to recover from the op but continued to have diarrhoea, and when returned to the vets, another blockage was found, and he had to undergo a second operation from which he is recovering fine. He returned to Angela’s, he is taking medication and he has no diarrhoea. He looks brighter doesn’t he? xx

25th of November

Angela has made an amazing progress with our 3 Chipmunks in this month. All of them gained enough weight to be ready for the surgery, Theodore had his eye removed which healed nicely. Whilst they had Theodore under anaesthetic, they tried to neuter him which meant another exploration, into his groin this time, as one of his testicles had not lowered. We are waiting to see if both Simon’s testicles descend so that he can be neutered without having to operate up into his groin. Alvin made a complete turnaround, now he is happily accepting strokes and answers to it with kind purrs.

30th of October

Our little chipmunks have been little superstars over the past few weeks. With our two tabbies Theodore (left) and Simon (middle) needing surgery it was crucial they gained weight whilst receiving daily eye treatment. All 3 are still quite feisty so it’s a testament to Angela that she’s able to administer treatment in such circumstances. But Angela is making progress securing some purrs out of Theodore and Simon… so just Alvin (right) to convince 😉

3 Chipmunks

13th of October

We’d like to introduce you to Alvin (top left), Simon (bottom left) and Theodore (right). These three kittens were discovered in Stantonbury along with their mother. Sadly we’ve been unable to capture mum as yet, we fear she’s gone to ground probably already pregnant with her next litter.

These little ones are approximately 11 weeks of age and having been safely trapped, its clear they’ve had no physical contact from humans and both Simon and Alvin are suffering from ulcers in their eyes. All three are a little hissy but thankfully Angela can handle Simon and Alvin sufficiently to administer their eye treatment. We are hopeful that Simon won’t lose his eye that is ulcerated but Theodore will require enucleation, an operation to remove the badly ulcerated eye. We are hopeful that with regular lubrication we can safe his other eye.

3 chipmunks

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