Meet Pongo…

PongoPongo came into our care in November 2017, after being found as a stray in Wolverton, Milton Keynes.

He was very vocal, underweight and had not been chipped, although he was neutered.

After a visit to the vets he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, and it took a trial with a variety of different medicines to try and stabilise his condition. In early February his thyroid levels were at an all-time high, they should have been between 30-60 and he was at 135. However after four months, finally his condition is under control.

Pongo2Pongo also needed dental work done, which was carried out in mid-March and finally by the end of March he was able to have his vaccinations and the vets signed him off for re-homing. In total our vet bills came to £407.44

We couldn’t have helped him without the support of our loyal followers and grants such as Pet’s At Home’s Support Adoption for Pets scheme, so thank you!


He has now gone to this forever home – as you can see he’s very happy and relaxed now-a-days!

Pongo - new home

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