Sidney x

Sometimes cat charities can hit a bit of a rough patch. This past week has been particularly difficult as we’ve sadly lost two cats’ due to their ill health. Here is the story of Sidney and a side of cat work that perhaps you wouldn’t necessarily hear about.

Sidney’s carer’s pick up the story:

Sidney the feral named Sidney because of his black mohican!

He turned up in our back garden about 4 ½ years ago. He was living in Bletchley Park and we caught Sidney and got him neutered and he returned the same day looking very sorry for himself.

However, he returned that night for his dinner! Along with a hiss just so that we knew he was not happy with us!!

He soon softened and we all grew closer, at first, we could not get any closer than about 30 feet but that changed overtime. In the end, we could get about 2 foot to him.

About a week ago we noticed he was dribbling a lot and his ears looked grubby so we contacted MK Cat Rescue and they lent us the use of a trap so that we could catch Sidney and get him checked out.

We caught him in about 10 minutes after being lured by the smell of fresh chicken in the trap – he loved his food!

We had a call from the vets saying that Sidney wasn’t very well at all and we were absolutely “gutted” as we loved the old boy. We went to the vets to say goodbye. When we saw Sidney close-up we could see how poorly he was – he was put to sleep as that was the kindest thing to do for him.

Sidney chose to live his life outside and with some help from us he did well. MK Cat Rescue helped us and gave us practical help and the simple help of a trap.

Even though we so wanted things to be different we could support Sidney right to the end.

We will miss him chilling out on the garden bench!

MK Cat Rescue send our love and sincere thanks to Jenny and Frank Evett for caring for Sidney. A big thank you to our superhero Stewart who provided not just the physical equipment to help but also support and advise for what was a difficult time for everyone involved.


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