Baby’s happily ever after..

This is Baby (formerly known to us as Sophie), she was found dumped in a cat carrier outside Stony Vets in July last year. The top two pictures are of her in our care, and the bottom two are in her forever home.
Her owner Sadie has provided us with a lovely update.
“The first time we met Baby she was all meows and showing her was instant love!
We brought her home and she settled in almost straight away. She loves to play with her ping pong balls, which are her favourite toy. And absolutely loves her grub, she’d eat all day if we let her. Baby is very chatty, which is the same as me so we’re always having random conversations haha! We’ve had her for almost 10 months now, and we can’t remember life without her, oh and she’s a proper Daddy’s girl, got him completely wrapped around her little paw x”
It’s so lovely to see Baby so happy, she is one of many cats who are sadly abandoned each year. We work really hard, especially at this time of year, to help get stray and abandoned cats off the streets and into forever homes. We rely solely on donations and are always extremely grateful for anything our supporters can give.
If you would like to make a donation, you can do so on the left hand side of this page.

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