Kitten Season in Full Swing….

These four little lovelies are now 2 weeks old and wanted to say hello! They are healthy, alert and starting to get on the move. We also have another pregnant cat in foster, though she has a few weeks to go before she’s due.
No doubt, kitten season is now in full swing. This means that two of our foster spaces are full for 10 weeks or more depending on the stage of pregnancy or age of the kittens on admission.We urgently need to find homes for our adult cats, so we can help bring in other cats that are in need of our help. From tomorrow, we are launching a blog, promoting our 6 precious and beautiful black cats. All are looking for new homes, and we have thrown in 2 rather special guests 😉
You guys know that every cat is an individual despite the colour of their fur, but we wanted to show their personalities and give you more information about their backgrounds and what they want from a new home. If one steals your heart, please contact us.
Kittens are lovely, but with an adult cat you know exactly what you are getting, and they are already litter trained! 😉 We are currently full, and are really to find our lovely cats some wonderful homes this week.

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