What We Did This Week….

Two days ago one of our volunteers received information about a deceased kitten laying in the road in Bletchley. We suspect it had been killed by a car. When our volunteers went out mum and two remaining kittens were nearby. The kittens were so scared they hid inside a van engine. When people ask what we are doing, this is it. It breaks out hearts but we have to prioritise what cats we can help because we all work and have family commitments. This week a mum and two kittens whose lives were at risk were a priority – next week who knows perhaps we will be lucky and we will rehome one of our adult cats making room for another stray to come into foster. For now we say thank you to Aaron for reporting mum and kittens to us and to Stewart and especially Angela for putting in the hours to safely traps these little guys.

Frosty and Snowie will be very checked next week along with mum and then we’ll see about getting them ready for rehoming.

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