Morris the Morrisons Cat

We thought it was time we shared some sad news with you all. To be honest its taken us some time to digest the news but its about Morris the Morrison’s cat. Morris was well known in Westcroft for hanging around the car park and had been seen eating old bread and left over pizza’s. 

On the 29 May 2016 we managed to trap Morris after several attempts of trying to catch him by hand. Sadly after two weeks in care his condition deteriorated and after some tests he has been diagnosed with hepatitis and FIV. Morris remains in foster and has been given approximately 6 months to live. 

Now that his condition is being managed and he’s been neutered, he is happy to have a fuss and is full of purrs. We would love to find someone who could provide palliative care to Morris….are we asking too much?

If there is anyone out there that has no other pets or children that would like to give Morris a home to call his own can you contact us? Morris will need to see the vet every 3 weeks or so to have a steroid injection and vitamin B12 shot but we will continue to pay for his vet treatment and food. We’ve put Morris into a foster room rather than remaining in a pen but we just want to do right by him – give him the life that he should have had for so long. If there is an angel out there can you email us

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