One Act Of Kindness

You guys are all familiar with Elsa’s story and how we struggled to get her to eat after her emergency c-section and septicaemia.

Well someone who helped us with getting Elsa to eat again was Riley and his owner Helen. Riley stopped eating last year, quite suddenly without explanation but after trying everything, Helen found some biscuits called Royal Canine Exigent, Savour Sensation.

Helen having read Elsa’s story emailed us and told us about Riley and these biscuits so we tried Elsa on them and with a little chicken Elsa started to eat again.

Riley has kindly donated a bag of the biscuits to MK Cat Rescue for Elsa. We thought it was only right that Riley’s owner Helen got to meet our darling little girl and we know that Carole was genuinely touched by Helen’s kindness.

We know how kind our friends are but when we’re entering the busiest and toughest time of the year for cat charities we wanted to share you the story of Riley and Helen. It lifts our spirits when people show so much love to the cats in our care and one act of kindness can go a long way.

We’re off this weekend attending two fundraising events where we are hoping to help raise lots of money for both MK Cat Rescue and other organisations helping those in need. Whatever your plans this weekend have a lovely weekend x

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