New arrivals

So on Saturday we collected 5 little kittens from a home in Buckingham.  The owner was struggling to cope but wanted to keep mum.  We agreed to take the kittens as long as mum was neutered and asked the owner to contact a national cat charity for assistance with getting mum neutered.

Sadly the owner was refused any assistance to get the cat neutered as her husband worked so mum is being shut indoors until they can save the money to get her neutered. 
One of the kittens was clearly suffering and needed to see a vet so off we went for an emergency vet appointment – not cheap! On a course of antibiotics Penny is doing ok at the moment, the others showed some signs of flea dirt so were treated on Saturday but are thriving as these photos show.

They are currently enjoying some of the lovely kitten food that was donated to us x If anyone is interested in them please private message us via here with your contact details or via One of the tabbies is already reserved subject to Mr Vet visit and a home visit but the other three are available. The black and white and tabby are little boys and the black kitty is a very sweet little girl.  Penny isn’t featured as she is suffering a little at the moment x

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