Hidden Talents :-)

With so many fundraising events to attend this year do you fancy coming along and joining us? 

Were always up for a giggle and just to prove it we challenged Annie to put together a limerick for us – hidden talents that one oh and she occasionally likes to pretend to be a cat….. 😉

It’s a scary thought, I cannot deny
Meeting new people, giving it a try

But when you have a friend by your side,
Or a person or dog that with you doth abide
The scariness goes and in its place
You’ll find a confidence that you cannot replace

And after a time you’ll find it easier to smile
And you’ll no longer wish to run a mile!

As your confidence grows, you will wonder why
It ever seemed scary to give it a try

So why not try fund raising with us
Bring a friend along we wont make a fuss

At the end of the day, when your shift is all done
You’ll remember the cats, still out in the sun

The cats that now will get a new home
No longer outside, hungry, cold and alone

And that satisfaction will warm your heart
Because of MK Cat Rescue, you are a part!

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