Hello little one welcome to the world

We’ve been a bit quiet over the last day or so as we’ve experienced another difficult and upsetting labour with one of our foster cats Molly. Molly is in fact Noodles mum for those who regularly keep an eye on what we are up too. They were found in an underground car park in Milton Keynes. Molly was already pregnant with her next litter by the time we were called out and she went into labour yesterday lunchtime.
Sadly three of her kittens haven’t survived but this little one has and Molly has given it a good clean and the little one has had something to eat.

If anyone is heading to their local supermarket or pet store this week please consider purchasing some kitten food for us. All of the cats in our care as of today are on kitten food – that’s 10 cats.
We are happy to collect or it can be delivered to our registered charity address, you can also purchase goods via our Amazon Wishlisthttp://www.amazon.co.uk/…/reg…/wishlist/ref=nav_wishlist_btn
We’ll keep you posted on this little ones progress but a big thank you to Angela and Carole for staying up most of the night to keep an eye on Molly and handling the situation with such compassion and love.

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