Ava was reported to us on Saturday, 21 November 2015.  She had escaped her new home after only 2 days and hadn’t been chipped.  
We spoke to Ava’s owners and offered to lend them one of our humane cat traps as they had already put up a number of lost cat posters in the area and had reported Ava to local vets and animal charities.
On Sunday 22 November 2015, the trap was set near their home but Ava had been spotted at the local school some 10 minutes walk away.  We provided some additional advice on setting up the trap nearby to the school and ensuring that people in the area were aware of what was happening.  The trap needed to be checked regularly and we were delighted to hear on Tuesday, 24 November 2015 that Ava had been successfully trapped and brought into the school by the local caretaker.  
Ava was taken home but needed a bath but as you can see was looking rather snug in the video that her owners sent to us.
We’re really delighted that by lending Ava’s owners one of our humane traps that Ava was safely reunited with her owners this morning.

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