We’re all ready for a weekend of fundraising and looking at the condition of our latest stray that has come in looks like everything raised this weekend will go towards getting them the vet treatment that they need.
Everyone meet Charlie. Having lived on the streets for reportedly 2 years we brought this little one into our care Thursday night. Our first priority is to allow the cat to settle (currently hiding in a box but loves its head being stroked) then it will be seen by a vet where a thorough health assessment will be conducted and arrangements made to provide any veterinary treatment that the cat needs. Did you know that if Charlie needs to have a general anaesthetic to shave that fur off it will cost £90. Or if we find serious dental issues and all the teeth need to be removed that could cost £600.
National charities with local branches receive grants and additional support. Any money that we earn is entirely through our fundraising efforts there is no back up from a national level.
To help us continue, over the autumn and winter months, to help cats in need in our community we are in the processing of setting up an online donation page. However for now people are being kind enough to send in donations by cheque or are coming to see us at events to make donations. If you can make a donation by cheque please contact us mkcatresscue@gmail.com or alternatively we will be at Jolleys all weekend and at the Doggy Fun Day on Sunday.
Any money you donate will make a world of difference and will help us continue to fight, love and care for cats like Charlie who deserve a second chance

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